How To Spy An iPhone

How To Spy An iPhone

Are iPhones the devices with the tightest security measures? That’s a question for debate, but they are also vulnerable to spying apps. In most cases, you will need to jailbreak an iPhone before getting the exclusive features.

While that is okay, jailbreaking leads to more uncalled for attacks. That implies it may be alright to do it, but it alters how the phone functions forever. If it has a warranty, jailbreaks will spoil it. Such encounters need to use a spying solution that doesn’t ask for phone compromising.

Are they available? We are about to introduce one of them here, which means they are on the market.

Part 1: Spy An IPhone With Spyic Solution

It’s hard installing a third-party application on an iPhone. It’s the pride in iPhones that makes them only select and use what is available on the Apple store. Such hurdles are countered in a unique way that Spyic introduces to those who want to spy on iPhones.

This solution has already been used across the globe by millions of people. So, you can trust that it will work as intended, and it will take you less than five minutes to set up. Now, where do you start?

It will be pretty simple by the time you finish reading this blog. You start by registering an account on the main website. After the initial setup process, Spyic will demand the iPhone’s iCloud credentials.


This means that it will use the iCloud backup as opposed to the typical installation. It also implies that if you already have the iCloud ID, you will not need to touch the phone.

Before a successful iCloud detection and information retrieval, you may need to verify some things on the targeted phone. First, the two-step verification in the victim’s iPhone should be off. Second, the iCloud syncing needs to be on.

Once Spyic syncs with the iCloud backup, you get all the phone’s information online. You will never need the targeted phone again even when uninstalling the application. In your account, this is what you get:

Part 2: Spyic IPhone Spying Features


Spyic will retrieve all the sent and received messages from the phone. Since it’s using the iCloud, you will even get the deleted iMessages. The details will also include the contact details of those involved, timestamps, and any other attached files.

Contacts And Call Log

You will not miss any saved contacts on the phone. Under the call log, you’ll view all the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. The info will also reflect the call duration and the involved contacts.

Location And Geofencing

Do you want to know where the iPhone is at all times? The location feature will show you the real-time location and all the previously visited places. It uses the phone’s GPS or the connected Wi-Fi to do that.

Under Geofencing, you can impose restrictions on frequented areas. This feature will then alert you via email if the target crosses the line.

Social Media Activities

There are two ways to capture all the social media activities from the targeted iPhone. One is via the social media category where you get the WhatsApp and LINE messages. The other way is via the Applications option where you see all the third-party installed applications.

Under the latter, that is where you can arrest all the FB, Twitter, Telegram, and other social apps.

Keylogger Reports

This is an exciting feature in Spyic that allows you to collect all the keystrokes from the phone. They are stored in log files, and the keylogger shows you the records grouped according to applications.

If you want to capture passwords to various accounts, this is the feature for you.

When you log in to your account, the dashboard will be filled with over 35 features. That is why Spyic is the best spy app for the iPhone in this era. All the information shown to you can be accessed using any internet-enabled device.

The control panel is fully compatible with all browsers hence the login freedom. If you have noted, there is no download, installation, or jailbreaking when you use Spyic. For the jailbreaking part, it’s already equipped with cutting edge technologies.

That allows it to work on the phone without changing how the iOS functions. Since there is no installation, it means Spyic will never be visible. We call that the stealth mode since the targeted phone’s user will never see the icon.

If you want to see what else Spyic can spy, visit the main website. Make sure you view the demo page to see how the features work.

Part 3: How To Spy An iPhone Using Spyic

What You Need

  • The targeted iPhone should have iOS 7.0 or later
  • Internet connection
  • Email address

Steps To Start Spying

Step 1: Register an account on the Spyic website. You’ll need your email and a chosen password for that. Next, select the bitten apple icon and pay for the plan that suits you.


Step 2: You will later receive an email with the confirmation details. It will also have the guidelines you need to continue.

Step 3: Once you get the email, login to your account, and verify the iCloud login details of the targeted phone. After that, select the phone you want to spy and wait for the Spyic and iCloud synchronization.


Step 4: After the syncing, the control panel will appear with what you require from the victim’s phone.


Use the links on the left to view what Spyic has collected.

NB: It’s important to note that Spyic will never store the information you get from the targeted phone. Instead, it will sync with the iPhone when you access your account. That way, this solution makes sure that you are the only one viewing the information.


With Spyic, you will not need to alter the iPhone in question. As the app fetches the results, your culprit will not know anything since everything is silent. The phone will be the same, and there will be no icons for foreign applications.

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