Cybersecurity Dangers That Can Affect Your Business

Cybersecurity Dangers That Can Affect Your Business

There are a number of cybersecurity dangers and cyber threats that can affect businesses.

We show you which are the main cybersecurity attacks in 2020 and how they could harm your business.

Types Of Attacks On Your Cybersecurity

Cyber ​​attacks can harm your business in several ways:

  • Interrupting your work: computers break down, and you can’t use them optimally.
  • Slowing down your computers: if malware programs are installed, they can make your computers slow down, affecting their performance.
  • Hijacking your computer: that is, denying you access to your computers, as for example in ransomware attacks.
  • Infecting files: infecting files that may be inaccessible.
  • Deleting data: Cyberattacks can also delete data you have on your computers or servers, as well as on storage devices.
  • Taking away space on your hard drive: someone can use your hard drive to store their own files, both on your computers and on your server.
  • Spying on your privacy: your customers’ data may be affected, as well as any information you have on your computers or servers.
  • Stealing your bank details: if the attacker manages to get you to enter your bank details on a website that is not your bank’s and belongs to the attacker, this can steal money from your bank account. This is what is known as phishing.
  • Committing crimes or fraud: if an attacker can control your computer, he can use it to commit crimes or fraud of any kind with your IP.

All of this can always have indirect consequences in many ways. For example, if the privacy of your customers’ data is compromised, they could sue you, and you may have to pay fines for not having protected their data adequately.

What Areas Should You Protect To Prevent Cyber Attacks?

To protect ourselves from cybersecurity dangers, we must take into account which is the entry routes:

The Operating System

The lack of updating of the operating system can be one of the vulnerabilities that allow computer attackers to commit their criminal actions.

Human Failures

Human errors, such as clicking on a file with a virus, or giving our data to a fake website, can be another entry point for a cybercriminal.


Computer attacks can also occur because our Wi-Fi connection network is not secure. It is possible that we are using a public network or that our router does not have a good security configuration.


easy-to-guess passwords can become another avenue for cyber attackers to compromise our data and privacy.

Lack Of Maintenance

The lack of maintenance and updating of programs, servers or any other computing device can also be used by third parties to introduce malware that affects our data in some way.

Other Cyber Attacks

Suppose we work on these five areas (operating system, user behaviour, computer networks, passwords and computer maintenance). In that case, we will be able to protect our computer equipment, but taking into account that there is also no 100% infallible security and that whoever promises you do not really is telling the truth.

There are also other means that cybercriminals use to endanger our computer security. For example, through denial of service (D-DOS) attacks, when we talk about servers, or through adware, which can affect our browser, although it usually does not have such a strong impact.

How To Deal With Cybersecurity Dangers?

There are many ways to protect ourselves against cybersecurity dangers. But all of them go through proper computer maintenance.

  • We must keep operating systems and programs up to date.
  • It is important to perform automatic backups.
  • Strong passwords must be established.
  • We must not give access to our equipment to people outside our company.
  • It is convenient to use antivirus to stop malware
  • Computer users must have computer security training

You can combat computer attacks and all cybersecurity dangers that may affect your business. Keep in mind that the more computers and servers you have, the greater the risks you face. 

You have to manage the IT security of your business systematically. Leaving this in the hands of each computer user can become a lottery since the person most likely does not have the time or experience to carry out adequate computer maintenance.

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