Technology Write For Us – Send Us Your Guest Posts on Technology, Business Apps, Marketing and Product Reviews

Technology Write For Us – Send Us Your Guest Posts on Technology, Business Apps, Marketing and Product Reviews

Submit Your Technology Guest Posts To Us!!!

We, the STUFF IN POST team, being a tech blog, have been publishing technology, business, marketing, and a few other niche articles to date, and now we have decided to invite all the enthusiasts to contribute the guest posts in their preferred niche that we accept. This is an excellent opportunity for all the content creators from around the world to write for us

If you can create unique and quality content in any of the below-mentioned niches, you can write for us to the email:

Technology Write For Us

Technology Write For Us / Write For Us Technology

Technology is evolving day by day, and new trends and technologies constantly rise. We invite all the techie writers who can bring new information to all our viewers to send their technology guest posts to us.

Suppose you believe that you can develop awesome content in any technology area. In that case, you can share all your inputs to our above-mentioned email address with the email subject as write for us technology or technology write for us. 

Here are some technology topics that we have already published on our website. You can pick any one of them, or if you have new technologies in mind, you can share them as well.

Business Write For Us

Business Write For Us / Write For Us Business

Business leaders always look forward to sharing their futuristic ideas. If you are an enthusiast business leader or business writer whose focus is business articles and business trends, business apps & tools, look no further. We are looking out for some exceptional writers in the business niche who can drive traffic to our website. You can share your ideas via email with the subject line as write for us business or business write for us.  

Here are some keywords that might provoke the writer inside you:

  • Managing People
  • Leadership
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Communication
  • Managing Yourself at Office
  • Business Innovations
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Apps

Marketing Write For Us

Marketing Write For Us / Write For Us Marketing

If you are a marketing genius, who keeps learning about new things in marketing and loves to write about topics like digital marketing, SEO, and Advertising, this is the right place for you. Write about all the marketing trends and unicorns to us. Write for us marketing or marketing write for us should be the subject of your first email to us.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews / App Reviews 

If you have an amazing product or application to be reviewed, please share all your product details and required information to our email address. Don’t forget to mention the term “Product Review / App Review” while sending your first mail. Our review team will review your app and publish a detailed review on our website.

While you are writing to us, please make a specific subject of your email includes the word “Guest Posts” or “Technology Write For Us” or “Business Write For Us” or “Marketing Write For Us” or “Product Reviews” or “App Reviews” and write a brief description of yourself. If you have any queries concerning guest posting, do let us know in your email.

If you don’t find your desired topic in the lists mentioned above, you can always check with us. Our team is always looking forward to answering all your queries 24/7 and 365 days.

Our Guidelines – Technology Write For Us

  • Plagiarism – Your post needs to be generic and free from plagiarism, and the article also needs to be no longer reproduced anywhere, including your website.
  • Content & Errors – Your content can be between 800 – 1500 words with headings, and make sure that there are no grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Tags – The articles should be easily readable and divided into sections with subheadings (H1, H2, and H3).
  • Links – You can include one link as anchor text, and it will remain as a DO-FOLLOW on our website.
  • Format – Send your articles in MS-Word Document format (no PDF files and other files) or Google Sheets, electronic mail attachments.
  • Images – Provide a precise featured image with HD Quality. You can include other pictures if necessary for the content frame. Our suggested dimensions are 720px (width) & 480px (length).
  • Turn Around Time(TAT) – We are very quick; your post will be published within 6-12 hours

Benefits Of Writing To Stuff In Post – Write For Us Technology

The list of benefits is very long, so we mention a few highlights. Our blog is 100% SEO optimized. Hundreds of our keywords are ranking in the Google search engine. You get a high quality back to your website, which will be do-follow for a lifetime. Your website stats will soon multiply after placing your link on our website.

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FAQs Related To Guest Post:

  • How Can I Contribute A Guest Post To Stuff In Post? 

If you have a good content idea that is well written and if you think that will be beneficial for our readers, then contact us. We will verify your content and publish it on the Stuff In Post website. Email is the preferred platform to contact us.

  • What Are The Content Guidelines To Write For Us? 

Your content must be SEO optimized, well researched, and cover user intent. Never send us plagiarised content. Copying content from another resource may ban you from our website.

  • Why Should You Write For Us?

We are an international blogging platform, and writing for us adds great value to your article. You will gain a lot of things like popularity, brand awareness, leads, networking, and many more.

If you have missed our email address on top, we have it here to help you in a better way,