Technological And Business Trends In Digital Business For 2020

Technological And Business Trends In Digital Business For 2020

Business trends, we have summarized the trends that will change our way of seeing the world.

  1. Everything will go even faster
  2. Automation and Smart Robots
  3. Exponential growth
  4. Predict the Future or Create It
  5. IoT and 5G dating

1. Everything Will Go Even Faster

The speed of the changes forces us to be more liquid, adaptable. We must apply this to both companies and workers. We have heard many times that only those who adapt to change will survive, and indeed 2020 will be a year of changes that will force us to consider where we are going as a company and as professionals.

2.Automation And Smart Robots

Why are we talking about this drastic change? Because automation has arrived and with it smart robots. Companies integrate increasingly sophisticated services and processes, causing a shift in the labor market with professions never seen before.

In this way, work is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed, and with it, we as professionals must do it.

3.Exponential Growth

This year is the time for exponential growth. Organizations must transmit a purpose incorporating technologies that provide solutions to the significant problems of humanity.

If technology is going to be decisive, you may be wondering what will happen to the human being. In the video of business trends, you will discover the importance of soft skills in new digital leaders.

4. Predict The Future Or Create It

We can predict the future or just create it. Keeping up to date with the latest technological developments and the necessary skills in all work activities, regardless of the sector, is essential for all those who want to be a leader and stand out in their field of action.

5. Datification With IoT And 5G

5G will bring us a hyper-connected world, and therefore Big Data will become Super Big Data. The data that we are going to manage will be enormous and will allow us to improve our lives and management to a level never dreamed of.

Of course, within the business trends, we must include marketing, key in any company, or digital business. Whatsapp marketing, snack videos, or                      

AI, as a fundamental part of Inbound, is just some of the forecasts and levers for the growth of this 2020.

6. Hyperautomation 

Before, we talked about automation as a critical trend. Gartner speaks directly of hyper-automation, referring not only to the use of tools but to the entire process involved in this use, such as analysis, design, measurement, monitoring, and evaluation of results.

7. Multiexperience

Society is adapting more and more to the digital world, being this sometimes much more real than reality itself. In the business trends world, it is vital to understand how the user perceives the digital world and how they interact with it.

Users will demand more and more experience. The combination of virtual reality with augmented reality and mixed reality will lead to a multisensory and multimodal experience.

8. Democratization Of ‘Expertise’

The knowledge that companies generate with the development of their own tools or work models is increasingly shared. By 2023, Gartner expects four key aspects of this trend toward democratization to accelerate:

  1. Democratization of data and analysis
  2. Democratization of development
  3. Democratization of design
  4. Democratization of knowledge

9. Human Augmentation

If something is confirmed this 2020 is that the improvement of the human being thanks to technology has no limits. The cognitive and physical improvements thanks to technology will be the day to day of the future that awaits us.

10. Transparency And Traceability

This trend refers to the concern for personal data and digital privacy that users demand in business ethics. There is a crisis of confidence towards companies never seen before; to improve it, they will focus on three points:

  1. Ethical use of Artificial Intelligence
  2. Privacy of personal data giving ownership and control to the user
  3. Design of ethically aligned attitudes, actions, technologies, and practices.

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11. Edge Computing

Brian Burke, Vice President of Research at Gartner, states, “Much of today’s focus on cutting-edge computing comes from the need for IoT systems to provide disconnected or distributed capabilities in the integrated IoT world for specific industries such as manufacturing or commerce. 

“However, edge computing will become a dominant factor in virtually all industries and use cases, as the periphery has increasingly sophisticated and specialized computing resources and more data storage. Complex devices, including robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, and operating systems, will accelerate this change. ”

12. Distributed Cloud

Cloud computing is a very beneficial reality by distributing critical services publicly to different locations. This enables constant evolution and updating that will lead to a new era in cloud computing.

13. Autonomous Objects

As technology evolves and society coexists more naturally with the artificial, electronic devices develop more autonomously to interact with the environment and with people almost like another human.

“As autonomous things proliferate, we expect a shift from independent, smart things to a collaborative swarm of smart things where multiple devices will work together, independently of people or with human input,” says Brian Burke.

14. Practical Blockchain

 Blockchain technology becomes increasingly relevant thanks to trust, transparency, and it’s potential in companies and services. The most popular use of this technology is for banking, and it still has excellent potential for development in other areas.

“The Blockchain remains immature for business trends deployments due to a variety of technical issues, including poor scalability and interoperability. Despite these challenges, the significant potential for disruption and revenue generation means that organizations should start evaluating blockchain, even if they don’t anticipate the aggressive adoption of the technologies anytime soon, “says Brian Burke.

15. IA Security

AI and Machine Learning will accompany technological changes. The challenge here is security in its application processes. Gartner states that business trends security and risk leaders should focus on three key aspects:

  1. Protect AI-powered systems
  2. Leverage Artificial Intelligence to improve security defense
  3. Anticipate misuse of AI

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