Big Data And Cloud Computing As A Starting Point In The Business Model

Big Data And Cloud Computing As A Starting Point In The Business Model

We look again at the cloud computing solutions paradigm that has been part of many companies for several years. In addition, we address the metric as a starting point for some companies and the importance of virtualization as a critical step in the development of new business models, especially the rapid growth of Startups.

Cloud Computing The Starting Point

By sector, companies specialized in Marketing and Big Data / Analytics occupy a privileged position in the development of information systems to improve sales, access to the analysis of large amounts of data, and the interpretation of data through the allocation of a series of values.

Among the evaluations, the workers and employees highlight the company’s management, the value of its CEO, and the environment created to get the tasks going, regardless of the future of the solutions described. In the new work environment, flexibility, dynamism, and confidence in taking responsibility have led to the decentralization of day-to-day work and the consolidation of a smooth and efficient collaborative online work system.

A clear example is Asana, project management and communication tool for workgroups that occupies the first position highlighting the capacity of its leader, Dustin Moskovitz.

Cloud Computing And The Customer Experience

In the values ​​of a company we always identify a brand, the value proposition and design of a service or product with a specific path in a local, national and international context, but also the satisfaction of the people who are within the organization, since You can become prescribers within the new business model that has embraced technology trends to reach other markets. On the other hand, when a client searches for a Big Data, Analytics, or Business Intelligence (BI) solution, the first thing they look at are the following characteristics:

  • Scalability. Analysis of large amounts of data (terabytes) according to volume and speed, as well as the multitude of information sources at origin and destination.
  • Users. Ability to scale the same benefits of the tool to groups of people who are working in an organization, with the possibility of gradually incorporating more depending on access and connectivity needs. The visualization of the data and the response time is key for business managers to make the appropriate decisions based on the evolution of the information displayed in the viewer.
  • Integration. When a client searches for Big Data, Analytics –already created– or Business Intelligence (BI) solution, they want to know what type of widget can be incorporated, embedded, or integrated to access a higher volume of information. Each company has its own system, although since the advent of Cloud Computing systems there are organizations that have preferred the “all-in-one” to “leave behind” the traditional and create, customize and design their own work cloud in an environment secure under the disposition of as much data as possible.
  • Customization. Both the client (outside) and the worker (inside) want to personally access their information, data and be able to export what they are viewing to share with other users or people within a group. In Business Intelligence (BI), the concept of API access and the design of Javascript libraries is one of the most important keys to adapt to the company that demands a specific BI or Analytics service.
  • Customer service. One theme is being a “creator,” and another is providing a service, so attention is one of the high values ​​in the new design of business models based on Cloud Computing that offers Big Data solutions through a platform.
  • Security. The protection of data, information, documentation, and communications is part of the challenges when we request a quote from a cloud expert company. In addition, those responsible have to adapt to the privacy of the data, the communication protocol, and the way of reaching the worker to explain the new work environment. We are talking about solutions that are adapted to all devices with access to the network, regardless of the operating system and version. Information leaks are analyzed in detail.
  • Value of an open platform. Access to space where programming, creating, personalizing, and executing actions represents the interest of the organization in continuing to work on the contracted solution, but analyzing the value proposition to adapt it to the organization from the horizontal perspective.
  • Adaptability. The worker’s user-level since accessing the tool, system, or platform is not the same. The configuration possibilities are multiple. The programming or development environment is not the same for all employees in a structure, because each department has to analyze its data and draw conclusions.
  • Minimum cost in Hardware. The arrival to access and personalization of data through the integration of a BI system has removed a headache in need to invest in own machines, highlighting the scalability and storage in other spaces, although with the importance of being able to reach agreements for performance improvement. 
  • Minimum cost in technical support. The call, the argumentation to resolve technical incidents and the investment in a team that is dedicated to providing 24-hour assistance, has remained on a higher plane depending on the severity, so that conflict resolution, on numerous occasions, it is solved utilizing a forum, video, consultation of a specific page or programmed system.

Cloud Computing Sectors And Companies

The 50 Best Private Cloud Computing Companies to Work For ” are highly rated companies worldwide. Above all, due to the substantial international expansion of some of them in Europe, for its adaptability to other markets, for being pioneers in the way of working and for allowing the most traditional sectors to carry out their digital strategy.

If Marketing / Sales, followed by Big Data / Analytics and CFO Tech, are sectors on the rise in creating cloud solutions, we see how collaboration tools are highly valued. The creation of a platform to improve worker selection processes ( Greenhouse Software ) has revealed three pillars in Human Resources: accessibility, monitoring, and contrast of information and measurement of results.

The outstanding American companies leave the evaluation of their own employees, highlighting the figure of their representative, the climate, and empathy with other colleagues. In addition to the design of a Roadmap to serve customers and to carry out the Business Plan and the configuration of the professional work team.

The lowering of costs means that sometimes more traditional companies encounter a problem: What tool do we choose? Is there a system that covers all areas of the organization? The Cloud Computing consultancy responds to the analysis of the current situation (work system, IT resources, and ERP employees). To cover what can be improved, tools for analysis of results and measurement, online work and collaboration, and project management are incorporated.

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