Video Marketing | Five Tips To Increase The Visits To Your Videos

Video Marketing | Five Tips To Increase The Visits To Your Videos

Video Marketing,have you uploaded your video to the Internet but days go by, and you see that it has few visits?

Do not worry; it is common even in companies that do know how to position their content in text well but “click” when it comes to positioning their videos. In this post, we will talk about how to get more views on our videos.

The Great Secret Of Video Marketing

The great secret of video marketing is that videos, well optimized, are placed in the first positions of YouTube and Google before texts. Why? For two fundamental reasons:

  1. Google highly values ​​videos uploaded to YouTube
  2. There is less competition than in text content

Throughout my activity in this exciting world of digital marketing and more specifically Video marketing which you can learn from, I have seen how most clients put great interest in the content of the video, but once the video has been uploaded to YouTube or any other, another platform thinks the job is done.

Content is essential for conversion, that is, getting visitors to become customers, but to get many people to see our videos and that they are also a target audience, you have to do a good job of positioning. And this last action is usually the pending issue.

It is not enough to upload the video to the Internet. We share with you the five most common mistakes made in video marketing so that you can avoid them and thus get your videos indexed well on YouTube and that they reach more visits.

Five Tips To Increase Visits To Your Videos

1. Pre-Select The Most Effective Keywords

Before even making the video, you have to know which are the most searched keywords, with less competition and which attract your target audience.

Tools like: the Google Adwords keyword tool, Google Trends or Semrush can help you.

If you haven’t spent the time on this activity to select the most effective keywords, the rest is wasting your time.

2. Include Your Keywords In The Title

The most important site to insert keywords is the title. The sooner they appear in the title, the better. After the keywords, add below if you want something that gives meaning to the title. If you want to position, you have to like Google and YouTube first and then the reader, and if you can get both, even better! (Try it, it’s not that hard!)

3. Include Keywords In The Description And Tags

The keywords must also go in the description and in the tags. In the tags include different variants of the keywords that have been most effective in your search in point 1.

4. Focus On The YouTube Platform

YouTube belongs to Google and therefore do not give it more lapses, the same video uploaded to YouTube will always be positioned earlier than on other platforms. Vimeo is a platform for uploading videos that allows you a more attractive design, but if what you want are visits and positioning, don’t hesitate, focus your efforts on YouTube.

5. Cause Likes And Comments

It causes “likes” as they “score” for positioning. You can click for the first like. Of course, do not give more than it will not be worth more visits.

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