A Micro Camera Is Equivalent To The Size Of a Grain Of Salt

A Micro Camera Is Equivalent To The Size Of a Grain Of Salt

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, to the point that in a few years, it can bring about a sudden change to the world as we know it. An excellent example is this micro camera, in the size of a grain of salt, which offers very good results and is ready to become part of many applications that will improve our lives.

The micro camera is the size of a grain of salt

Technology surprises us every year, and there are times when it makes a radical leap, as with this micro camera, designed with minimal dimensions since it barely exceeds the size of a grain of coarse salt.

Without a doubt, creating such a small camera is already a significant advance, but it must be added that it is a camera that can take images with fantastic quality, comparable to the lenses of the reflex cameras that we usually use.

This chamber has been designed with a metasurface technology composed of 1.6 million microscopic cylinders. Each cylinder has a particular geometry, capturing light individually from the rest.

By using an algorithm, it is possible to obtain a colour image with a very high quality.

However, it is important to remember that there is still a long process to ensure that this micro camera can offer optimal performance. Still, the first steps have already been taken, and the fact that more and more industries are interested in this project is clear. This process can be drastically shortened, and we hope that this micro camera will begin to work in many applications in a few years.

Technological advances with many applications

Currently, the micro camera the size of a grain of salt can be the solution to many applications that demand a system of this type, among which micro cameras for medical use stand out.

Current medicine has micro cameras that offer an important solution in many areas. Still, the problem is that the field of vision they offer is very small, to which we must add that the images obtained do not achieve good definition, but rather, they are usually blurry and may even appear as distorted images.

In this way, this new microcamera would be designed to be incorporated into medical robots that can perform diagnoses with maximum precision, greatly reducing the margin of error.

There is also another advantage, which is to reduce the type of invasive tests that are carried out today, that is, tests that may even require surgery. When this microcamera is integrated into the robots, they can be changed to tests of just a few minutes and, as it were, without taking off his shirt.

There are also many other applications outside of medicine in which this microcamera can be very useful, such as in industry, where it can be much more precise in certain jobs, both those carried out manually or through machinery. Manual or electrical, as well as even the incorporation of industrial robots that will guarantee micrometric efficiency that will allow better operation and more significant optimization during both the design and development, production and use processes.

This means significantly reducing the environmental impact while obtaining significant improvements that can revolutionize medicine and industry in the coming decades.

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