Artificial Intelligence: What Are The Practical Applications?

Artificial Intelligence: What Are The Practical Applications?

Artificial intelligence progresses every day, and we use it perhaps without realizing it; what are the practical applications?

AI now affects the daily lives of billions of people worldwide and will continue to do so in the future. Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving thanks to machine learning, or machine learning; intelligent systems continuously learn and evolve almost autonomously, although guided and controlled by human beings.

The world of work is also undergoing great changes, and in the future, we will see many existing professions changed forever. 

Every industry can benefit from AI, and its applications are nearly endless. This is why we want to talk to you, in short, about how artificial intelligence is applied in the modern world and why it should not be underestimated.

Let’s see some examples immediately:

Artificial Intelligence In Ordinary Life

AI is often subtle, you don’t notice it, but it is applied everywhere in our daily life. In particular, we always have a device with us that uses it: the smartphone.

Modern phones have installed a virtual assistant (the most common are Siri and Google Assistant), which use artificial intelligence to understand what we say and, consequently, offer us a solution to our requests.

But in addition to voice assistants, online advertisements also leverage AI to show ads relevant to your needs. Perhaps you have already noticed advertisements for a product after researching or even talking about it with someone.

Advertising is shown because the algorithm learns your current needs and shows you the most relevant ads. 

We have also seen other examples of applications of AI in daily life.

Artificial Intelligence In Entertainment

“What are we looking at today?”. How many times have you looked at the recommended streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney +

They, too, use machine learning to provide you with products to consume that best suit your tastes. As you go through the catalog and watch movies and TV series, the algorithm learns what you like and suggests new titles to watch. 

Video games today also use AI; did you know that? For example, two major hardware manufacturers, NVIDIA and AMD, are developing a new system that leverages machine learning to show better graphics by reducing the required resources, thereby increasing video game performance and allowing you to create ever-larger game worlds and complex.

Artificial Intelligence In City Security

Airports, cities, stations, and other public places are lined with surveillance cameras controlled by people. But even in this area, the human being is helped by the machine to prevent potential crimes.

Some sophisticated video surveillance systems help the control guard prevent possible threats. The software is trained to control people’s movements and highlight possible suspicious cases to the operator. How? It’s always about machine learning.

The training takes place by “feeding” the program with real criminal episodes; in this way, after thousands of video and image analyses, it is able to understand the common behaviors implemented by criminals. 

Artificial Intelligence In Science

The advancement of human knowledge takes place today also thanks to this new mechanism of machine learning. A recent case is that of AlphaFold, exploiting this incredible technology to map and predict the structure of proteins in living beings.

This will allow the future to study them with the utmost precision and develop, for example, new drugs, make crops more resistant to parasites, and find new treatments for known diseases.

Astrophysics has also received many benefits from AI. A recent case is that of Kevin Schawinski and the research team of ETH Zurich. The team used artificial intelligence to map known galaxies to study their physical changes through predictions provided by reliable data.

The result? Schawinski and associates understood that galaxies become redder as they move from low-density to high-density environments, and their stars become less concentrated in the central part. 

Artificial Intelligence: Practical And Endless Applications

In short, artificial intelligence has infinite applications in every conceivable sector. The results are extraordinary today, but we are still in an immature phase. In the future, with the refinement of machine learning and the continued accumulation and study of data, our lives will change forever.

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