Facebook Audience Insights: How To Find The Right Target

Facebook Audience Insights: How To Find The Right Target

Facebook Audience Insights, Facebook is a tool to know all the useful information about users and find the perfect target for your ads.

Knowing where its customers live, whether they are predominantly men or women, and what interests they have (and not only) is crucial for a business that intends to plan its advertising campaigns on Facebook better. In this regard, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network makes Audience Insights available free of charge to give every advertiser the opportunity to obtain all the information he needs to create relevant advertisements for his audience.

Here is the complete guide to learn more about Facebook’s Audience Insights and understand how to find the perfect target for your ads thanks to this tool.

What is Facebook Audience Insights

Audience Insights by Facebook is a free tool that shows advertisers data on the audience to allow them to compare different segments, plan advertising campaigns and create more interesting and suitable content for the target. The platform also makes it easier to find users similar to those who are already part of a Page’s audience.

In Audience Insights, it is possible to look at the various information available on the platform, the details relating to age and gender, education, work, sentimental situation, interests, and hobbies. In addition, the platform also includes third-party data on those products that people may be willing to purchase.

Facebook’s Audience Insights combines information about dating, income, household size, and location to communicate the types of people interested in their business to advertisers.

How to use Audience Insights to find the right target

To access Facebook’s Audience Insights, you first need to access your Business Manager or Ads Manager and click on the corresponding item in the menu at the top left.

From there, you can select the audience you want to consider: the choice can fall on the people connected to the Page or on all those on Facebook. You can filter the audience from the main screen based on specific characteristics such as place, age, gender, etc. The platform returns the size of the chosen audience in terms of active users per month.

There are four tabs in Facebook’s Audience Insights: demographics (age and gender, sentimental status, level of education, and job title), “Like” on the Page (Pages that may be relevant to the audience based on “likes” “), Place (the geographical areas where the selected audience is most present) and activities (the times in which the audience chosen has performed certain actions on Facebook and the types of devices used).

The values ​​returned by the analysis on Audience Insights are always expressed in percentage terms and compared to the general average on Facebook to return a precise photograph of the peculiar characteristics that distinguish the Page audience compared to the general public of the social network.

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