Photon Arrives To Teach Programming To The Little Ones

Photon Arrives To Teach Programming To The Little Ones

Photon is a fun robot designed so that the little ones in the house can learn to program, something that becomes increasingly essential since the future presents itself with some considerable changes and an evident growing trend in computer development.

Photon, a toy and a future for our little ones

Today, we are used to seeing certain subjects taught in our children’s schools, but the truth is that, over the years, these subjects have changed, and some have even disappeared to make way for others. Who has inherited the position?

In the same way, in the coming years, we will see how programming and technology, in general, will begin to form part of children’s daily tasks, and inevitably, the future is in computing, which means that they will soon study computer programming. The same way they study mathematics or any other subject today.

In essence, within several years, every self-respecting adult should be familiar with the world of programming, and the best way to start working on all these concepts is precisely at the earliest possible age.

Photon is a technological and educational toy

A positive aspect that we can highlight about Photon within the educational toys group is that the technology is usually quite well received by children.

In this case, we are going to enjoy a fun story that will already sound familiar to more than one, and that is that this robot has arrived from outer space and has had an accident with its ship on our planet, which has caused its ship to be destroyed and even that he himself appears to have some major breakdowns.

The objective is to get it working again and, of course, to find the pieces of the ship to return to its starting place.

To do this, we will have to solve some problems and, above all, carry out certain tasks so that we will unlock new skills and abilities that will help us expand the field of action and experimentation.

For it to work properly, the toy must be linked to our smartphone or tablet, where we will install an application that includes everything necessary to carry out the repair process.

This application will work without problems on Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems, so it adapts to most users.

Photon Price

At the moment, the Photon is seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign, although we already know that it will become a reality because it has exceeded the goal of $35,000 that it needed to start production.

If we want to get this robot at the best price, there is no better opportunity than this since it could be ours for just under €150 if we purchase it directly from the campaign itself.

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