The 6 Basic Principles Of An E-commerce Marketing Automation Program

The 6 Basic Principles Of An E-commerce Marketing Automation Program

Do you want to start doing marketing automation for Ecommerce? Always keep these six principles in mind.

Marketer Friendly

In fact, the technology that allows you to create behavioral marketing actions has been around for several years.

What has changed are the platforms that allow those actions to be carried out, which have reached a level of ease of use, such as making them accessible even to the most ignorant web communicators of programming.

Through visual interfaces  WYЅІWYG Editor (what yοu ѕee is what you get), you interact with the contents of the site with almost unlimited freedom, adding and removing html as you like:

When in an E-commerce, the marketer reaches full control over the modification of the contents, the programmer can finally free himself from a whole series of operations to devote himself to research and development in other fields (platform, integrations).

In real-time

Timing is an essential feature of marketing automation.

Intercepting the needs and interests of users is not enough: it is necessary to be able to interact in real-time according to the action > reaction scheme to provide relevant content with the right timing.

For example, you can exit a pop-up when the user leaves the screen with the mouse.

A single second of delay would be enough to nullify the effectiveness of this action, as it would transform the intention to exit into a real exit from the site.

One to one

Its Mission Is To Provide Each User With A Unique Experience

Through marketing automation software, you can segment your users in infinite ways, providing each one with personalized content.

For example, you can show a banner to users who are first visitors, connect from Canada, have visited at least three pages, and have been on the site for more than 60 seconds.

Despite this, the segments are to be understood as the starting point: the ideal goal of a marketing automation program, the “Holy Grail,” is to know the tastes, preferences, and needs of individual users to create a personalized offer for each of them.

Different interactions with site content ⇒, different browsing/purchase experiences.

Targeting technology is a “return to basics” and a world in which salespeople know their customers’ tastes and preferences.

In Offline realities, this is possible when the clientele is few and loyal (as in the trusted bar or bakery).

In the online world, technology makes this phenomenon available on a large scale, profiling the behavior and interests of thousands of users.


It Is In Constant Improvement

Marketing automation is not a prefabricated product that can be installed as it is on different e-commerce.

It is not a simple “package” of automation that, once activated, magically increase sales.

Marketing automation must be conceived as a constantly evolving system for it to be effective. This scientific test program leads to a progressive and constant improvement of the site’s performance.

A/B tests shouldn’t be placed in the drawer after the initial testing phase.

Once a positive modification has been found, it is always necessary to formulate new hypotheses to test in an optimization cycle that has no end.


It Must Also Follow The User Off The Website

A customization plan must include an ONSITE part (dynamic content modification) and an OFFSITE part (email, sms, Facebook, etc.).

The two components must be closely linked and synergize to create coherent communications throughout the purchasing cycle.

For example, if the user receives a coupon by mail because he hasn’t purchased it for 30 days, once he lands on the site, he will have to find a communication that reminds him of that coupon.

On the other hand, you often see communications via email that are also very beautiful but which do not have a following on the site, and this generates confusion among users.

By managing onsite and offsite marketing from a single marketing automation platform, it is possible to “follow” the user even offsite to intercept him via email, messenger, WhatsApp, and other channels (not all of them work, as usual, to make a difference).


The user increasingly navigates seamlessly, jumping from Desktop, mobile, and tablet.

It may be that on the subway returning from work, he takes a look at the catalog from his Smartphone, then calmly go back to reading the descriptions of the products on the sofa in the evening with his tablet, and decide to buy the next day from the office PC during the break lunch.

A customization plan must consider the differences between devices by adapting the copy and graphics to different resolutions always to offer clear content.

Not only that: the system must be able to recognize the user even when connecting from different Devices.

This is to avoid errors such as re-proposing a coupon on the first purchase to a user who has already purchased from a Desktop but connects for the first time from Smartphone.

To do this, there is Fingerprint technology (fingerprint) which allows you to cross different identification data of the user to recognize him even if he has deleted the cookies or jumped from one device to another.

Would you like to know more?

Marketing automation is a complex chapter of conversion optimization work.

If done correctly, it can become a fantastic opportunity to increase turnover and customer satisfaction. However, you need to have clear ideas and start on the right foot to avoid unnecessarily wasting money.

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