Instagram Ads: How To Create Ads And Advertise On Instagram?

Instagram Ads: How To Create Ads And Advertise On Instagram?

With the Instagram boom as the leading social network, brands, now more than ever, invest time and money in advertising using Instagram Ads. Being one of the most used social networks by companies when it comes to selling, are you going to miss the opportunity to increase your leads? Let’s start!

There is no doubt about its potential, and it has not taken long for companies to realize this and become vital members of this platform. Many brands are already present on Instagram, carrying out all kinds of commercial and advertising actions with their ads to increase sales.

How Did Advertising Get To Instagram?

The Facebook social platform decided to take over the Instagram business in 2012, and, to date, the most popular image and photo application have not generated any advertising benefit.

The first to experience Instagram advertisement as a promotional stage were the American companies Levis and Ben and Jerry’s, the ice cream company. Later, Instagram released the results of this test, and they turned out to be extremely positive.

To date, Instagram Ads had not yet reached Spain, but as of September 2015, this changed: while we were reviewing our wall (timeline) full of images, we could see how another publication also appeared without following that account, that is, a sponsored post. In it, we observed several factors that we were not used to seeing on the Instagram platform:

  • Instagram Ads notified, at the height of the user’s name and located on the right side, that the published image was sponsored with the following aspect:
  • Another novelty, located at the same height as the Like and Comment icons, is the call to action that encouraged us to go for more information :

This natural way of introducing advertising avoids the feeling of spam and makes the results of the campaign effective.

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STEP 1: Create Your Account On Facebook Business Manager

The first step is to create an account in Business Manager that will serve to manage various advertising assets from one place. Visit their website and complete the necessary information to link this account with your Facebook home page. In this way, you can create advertising on Instagram at the same time that you do it on Facebook.

STEP 2: Set Up And Link Your Instagram Account With Your Facebook Page

You should go to the Settings of your page, located at the top right and go, once here, to the Instagram Ads tab, located on the left of our screens, where the access data to the associated Instagram account is completed to the brand’s Facebook page.

STEP 3: Create Your Instagram AD

As we have said, you can create the ad from the Ad Manager. Where you will have several tools with which you will easily get the ad you want.

Here we tell you the most important steps to follow to create your ads and make your first advertising campaign on Instagram.

First, you must click on “Create Campaign” and select the option of the “Objective” advertising. You will see that there is an interesting variety such as traffic, interaction, conversions.

When the campaign is already created, it is time to choose its settings. We will have to select the “Ad set” box, choose the newly created one, and complete the following fields:

  • Public, that is, segmentation.
  • Optimization and prices
  • Location is noted as the last option: Instagram. At the bottom, we will see another menu of “Mobile Devices” where we can choose which devices we will display advertising on.
  • Daily budget
  • Calendar: how long will our campaign last

The last step is the design of our Instagram ad. In the menu of announcements, we select the created one, and we click in “Edit” to insert the following aspects: the URL of the web to which we want the user to go to by clicking the “More information” button, the text of the description of the image and finally the desired photograph (the recommended size is 1080x1080px).

Before completing these fields, you must choose whether your campaign will be in the video, image, a sequence. That depends on what you want to transmit.

The marks can not miss this opportunity to spread as it has proved very beneficial and affordable. Companies have found in the most visual social network of the moment a direct way to reach their public and promote their new products, and effectively that will undoubtedly continue to expand in the coming months.

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