What is Instagram Shadowban, And How To Avoid It?

What is Instagram Shadowban, And How To Avoid It?

Instagram Shadowban is one of the applications with the most changes, and it does not always benefit users. If you have seen a drop in followers, you are in the correct post because there is a good chance that Instagram has restricted your account. Don’t worry; it has a solution, that’s why in this post, we tell you what Shadowban is and how to get rid of it.

What is Instagram Shadowban

Suffering the effects of Instagram Shadowban means that our Instagram account is in a period of dead time for other users even though we are not blocked, and we can continue to upload photos to our profile.

Professional Use Of Instagram Stories: Tools And Examples

Many users have noticed that their Instagram posts reach fewer users or that they receive fewer interactions each time they post an image, or even that their stories have less reach. This is because their accounts are under the influence of Instagram Shadowban, although Instagram has never officially confirmed that they exist, it has released subtle announcements and news that can make us think that it really exists. 

But the problem is that our content is shown to many fewer users, or even hidden by the platform. This can happen if, for example, we follow and stop following many accounts in a short time, we like many, we use hashtags banned by the social network, etc.

We can also find that the hashtags that we use in our publications or in the stories have become “not detectable,” making our images not appear in search results or as highlights on Instagram.

Why Is Instagram Blocking Me?

But why does our account end under the influence of Shadowban? Whenever Instagram detects fraudulent use that violates its terms and conditions, such as participating in groups that exchange “likes” and comments on a massive scale, using automation bots to buy followers or follow/unfollow in a short period of time. In time, our account will end up falling under the influence of Shadowban.

We find other factors that also influence our account to end under the effects of Instagram Shadowban has already announced that it will take action against content; it deems “inappropriate.” This means that all this type of content will not appear on the “Explore” tabs or the “Hashtag” pages.

This penalty can range from spam content to violent or sexual content posts. In addition, inappropriate content will be removed based on your policy, and you will begin to label content as “low quality” if you choose to do so.

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How to Know If You Are A Victim Of Instagram Shadowban?

There are several reasons why you can be Shadowbanned by the social network. If you want to see if it has touched you, look at the number of followers and interactions in your publications. If you see a decrease in your account traffic, you may already be part of this phenomenon.

You can check if your suspicions are correct, looking for a hashtag that you have used in your last publication. If you don’t appear in the Most Recent posts section, you should use these techniques to avoid Instagram Shadowban. 

Procedures To Remove Shadowban From Our Instagram Account

In case we believe that our account has been sanctioned by Shadowban, below, we show you what to do to make it disappear.

  1. Block access to third party accounts
  2. Delete hashtags
  3. Delete content
  4. Stop using the account for a few days
  5. Possibility of Reporting the Problem
  6. Go from a personal account to a company account or vice versa

1 # Block Access To Third Party Accounts

Important: do not use bots or third-party services to attract followers. It is interesting to block access to applications that we do not trust. To do this, we must:

  1. Enter our Instagram profile in the desktop version.
  2. Go to “Authorized Applications”
  3. Click on “Revoke Access”
  4. Give “yes” and we are left with this image

2 # Delete Hashtags

We can remove all hashtags that may be prohibited by Instagram and use only those that we believe are essential.

3 # Delete Content

It is important to review all our content to see if it violates the rules of conditions of use of Instagram. If so, we recommend removing it.

4 # Stop Using The Account For A Few Days

In case we are under the effects of Shadowban, if we want to eliminate them, we can be a few days, 3 or 4 without making publications, in this way, we will get everything back to normal.

5 # Possibility Of Reporting The Problem

If you have performed the previous step, but the problem persists, you can report it. For this you must:

  1. Enter “Help”
  2. Click on “Help on troubleshooting or login
  3. Click on “Something is not working. 

However, it is very difficult for Instagram to respond to us, but you never know, and we lose nothing by trying.

6 # Go From A Personal Account To A Company Account Or Vice Versa

In case we have a personal account, we can try to convert it into a company account and vice versa, in this way, we can eliminate Shadowban. Be careful, and there are rumors that Shadowban is an Instagram strategy to make commercial accounts invest in Instagram Ads.

And you, have you been a victim of Shadowban? What do you think about this new trend? Your opinion matters to us!

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