Project Manager: The Job That Everyone Talks About

Project Manager: The Job That Everyone Talks About

Surely if you work in a private company, you may have heard of the Project Manager, or even in your workplace, you may have one or more than one. But do you know what to tell us about this professional profile, or what are your tasks and skills? We advise you on everything about the Project manager.

Without a doubt a few years ago, it was one of the most modern concepts in the business panorama. However, the role of the Project manager is more alive than ever in this 100% digital era.

What Is A Project Manager?

Based on the definitions found on the Internet, the Project manager is the person responsible for proposing and safeguarding the successful execution of the steps to carry out the project. In other words, it is the profile that coordinates the team’s work to meet the objectives.

Large companies have always invested in a similar role, which takes responsibility for the management and supervisory tasks. But why is the part of the Project Manager more critical today than ever, what has changed so that all companies decide to add one to their ranks?

The answer is simple, the digital business context in which we find ourselves is very changing and the strategy varies depending on external demands of the company, which is why today more than ever the Project manager is committed to maintaining the focus towards goals and will take into account external factors that the team faces.

Project Manager Salary

According to the data, 71% of the Project managers who have shared their salary, affirm that it has increased in the last year and that the demand for this profile continues to grow non-stop throughout the world, mainly in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru or Spain.

Of course, the salary of this profile depends mainly on your experience in Project Management. The average salary of a Project manager who has experienced between 2 to 5 years will have a salary of $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 gross per year, also depending on the geographical area and the size of the company requesting the services.

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Project Manager Skills

The Project manager position, unlike other profiles, does not require a piece of purely technical knowledge but rather a series of specific skills that are acquired during the exercise of the profession, such as the ability to plan, organize, coordinate and control job.

One of the great books where the project manager’s work and the fundamentals of project management are collected in the PMBOK Guide. From it, we can deduce a series of skills necessary to be a Project manager and to guide teams in project management:

1. Leadership

Amid the digital age, today, more than ever, the role of the Project manager must revolve around leading and promoting digital transformation within the company. A good leader must know how to transmit these values ​​to his team and spread his motivation for the work and achieve the objectives.

2. Teamwork

Being a leader does not mean that you do not need to work as a team, on the contrary, you need to interact with many hierarchical levels within the company, and it is essential to know how to interact with each of them to determine the objectives and guidelines to follow clearly.

3. Organization

To a large extent, the job of the Project manager is to organize, organize, and organize. The organization of the processes and actors on which the project depends on it, as well as making a proper organization of the deadlines and times of the actions.

4. Communication

If something is expected of a Project manager, it is that he is a great communicator because one of his tasks is to create good communication channels and ensure that all the agents involved in the project know and are clear about their role in planning.

5. Conflict Management Capacity

Interpersonal relationships in project management are a fact, and it is inevitable that conflicts may arise in any of the stages. It is important that the project manager knows how to manage these types of problems and acts as a mediator to solve them and create a right working environment.

6. Ability To Delegate

A good manager must know his own limitations and assume that it is impossible to cover all the control. For this reason, it is very important that you acquire the ability to delegate and trust your subordinates while respecting their roles and motivating them in their work.

7. Retailer And Attentive

The quality of the service provided is one of the main objectives to be met by the Project manager, for this he must be demanding and careful to the details, evaluating at all times that the standards of excellence are met and being able to identify what failure to take the timely decision at that time. 

8. Market Knowledge

Undoubtedly, the project has an outlet, and it is the job of the Project manager to know the trends and the competition that can be presented, to adjust the focus of the objectives towards success.

9. Targeting

In addition to setting the main goals within the same project, unforeseen events may arise. The project manager jobs must know how to guide the team with fast and precise decision-making, establishing compliance deadlines.

Train To Be A Project Manager

After reading this article, you undoubtedly think that you also have these skills and want to improve your job position and wish to have more opportunities and increase your salary working on large projects or promoting your company’s processes.

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