The most Popular Professions In Design: Profiles And Functions

The most Popular Professions In Design: Profiles And Functions

Designer profiles, design is more important today than ever. Without a doubt, it is a discipline that covers many sectors and specializations. Within the technology sector, it has experienced a boom that few could predict. Today we tell you about the most demanded professions in design so that you know their differences and what areas each of them covers.

Do you want to know which are the most demanded professions in design? Keep reading!

Graphic Designer Profiles

When someone says, “I am a graphic designer,” few are clear about what they do exactly in their day-to-day activities. Design professionals can work in different areas and industries. It exists from industrial design (cars, furniture, etc.) or editorial design (magazines and other publications) to tech or, in other words, the technology sector (web pages, mobile apps, and more).

We are going to focus on the latter. A space in which different graphic designer profiles fit. These encompass UX, UI, front-end developer, visual designer, or product designer.

Do you want to know why the visual designer is one of the most demanded professions in web design and UX?

Most Demanded And Best-Paid Professions In The Web Design And UX Sector.

UX Designer

The UX designers are responsible for how the user will feel and use the product. The primary responsibility of the UX designer is to ensure that the product flows logically in its use. The user must know how to orient himself and find what he needs through the designer’s interface.

One of the tasks that it develops is the realization of the Test to verify the behavior of the user regarding the design of the application. By identifying the points that work and those that don’t, the designer can redefine the style and create a new model that improves the user experience. The UX is responsible for creating wireframes, storyboards, and site or route maps.

The UX designer is one of the most demanded professions in design because he is in charge of exploring the different ways of solving a problem and identifying the best one.

Some of the work tools they use the most are Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks, or InVision.

UI Designer

Just as UX designers focus on how the user perceives the product as a whole, UI designers deal with form and layout. They are responsible for developing the design of each page or each screen on which the user interacts. The UI designer works so that the design responds to the communicative needs that the UX transmits to him.

For example, the UX instructs the UI to design a dashboard displaying analytics. The UI will decide by design how to give more importance to important statistics. That is if you put a scroll to interact with the page and see more results or, in general, of the distribution and design of the web. The task of the UX will be to observe how the user behaves on this page and verify that visitors receive the information they want. If not, the UI may be asked to redesign certain parts.

The UI designer is one of the most demanded professions in design because he is also responsible for generating the style of all projects. A coherent “image” encompasses the different visual elements and the design of all the production phases.

Visual Designer

The visual designer would be the closest profile to the common image we have of a designer. One who cares about drawings, lines, fonts, icons, and colors. And not so much about how one page connects to another, the path followed by the user, or the interaction of the user.

Graphic designers polish the small details and often work in Photoshop with the 4X or 8X zoom on. They produce high-quality designs from concept to execution. This includes the different resolutions that are needed for the format in which the product will be exported: web, mobile, paper, etc.

Many companies decide to merge the UI and the graphic designer so that they do not hire two different designer profiles, but one handles both functions.

Some of the work tools they use the most are Photoshop or Sketch.

Infographic Motion Designer

Have you ever noticed the small animated effects that applications have? For example, when you refresh your email inbox on your mobile, a small pot appears on the list until new messages are loaded.

This is the work that the motion designer does. While most graphic designers work with static assets, the interaction designer creates animations within the application. That is, it builds the action that the interface will perform when a user clicks on a certain site or performs a movement.

This process is very important since it is in charge of giving the user visual clues on how to use the product. For this reason, the motion designer is included in the list of the most demanded professions in design.

Some of the tools they use the most are After Effects, Core Composer, Flash, or Origami.

UX Investigator

The UX Researcher is the leader of user needs. The objective of the UX researcher is to answer two questions: who are our users? What do they want? Normally, this Designer profiles usually conducts interviews with individuals and searches for market data.

Its function is quite similar to that of the UX. They also perform A / B Testing to identify patterns and designs that work best and fit the user’s needs. However, the data collection part, especially for large companies, gives the UX researcher the opportunity to draw statistics and draw conclusions about how the design should be more functional.

Some of the work tools they use the most are Mic, Paper, or Docs.

Front-End Developer

Surely many of you have found job offers with this description, and perhaps you are not very clear what is expected of a front-end developer. This graphic designer is responsible for carrying out the implementation of the product interface in a functional way.

Some of the working tools they use the most are CSS, HTML, or JavaScript.

Product Designer

The product designer responds to the type of graphic designer who is responsible for creating and designing the look of a product. Just as the UI seeks to maintain a specific aesthetic throughout all phases of the product, it is the product designer who creates the style that must prevail in other creations. Always to generate that line of coherence that we talked about before.

This is perhaps the most versatile role of all the designer’s roles and one of the most demanded professions in design. A product designer may end up doing a bit of code, some research, creating visual values, designing interfaces, etc. 

Many companies place this profile in charge of the project as a link between the rest of the designers. It is done so that communication is fluid, and someone is aware of all the changes.

Keep in mind that not all designers know about all areas. Some expect a UX designer to create interactions in the design, or a UI designer to refine the pixels according to the format that is needed. The best way to find the right professional is to describe the functions you will have to perform in advance.

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