What are UX and UI?

What are UX and UI?

UX and UI, when we create a brand’s website, many things come to mind: Are the categories in the right place? Do they do their job well? Are they small or large? To answer all the questions, we first have to evaluate the user’s behavior: what actions he does, what is the first thing he looks at, and what reactions he has to decide which design is the most appropriate. This is where the UX and UI come in, which have the function of allowing the user to find what they are looking for in the shortest possible time and also have a good experience when visiting the web. In this article, we will define what UX and UI are and what relationship exists between them.

The User Or UX Experience

The UX design refers to what the user experiences before, during, and after contacting a web page. Although this experience does not depend solely on design, it involves what a brand represents and what makes its users feel. The UX expert will be like a psychologist since the user experience is strongly linked to the way people are. The expert will look for all possible ways to make life easier for the user, and it is necessary to take into account some attitudes linked to psychology:

  • Perception: We have to know what catches our attention, how colors affect us, and how we move our gaze across the screen.
  • Emotions: Emotions are not automatic reactions; therefore, it is necessary to understand how they are generated and what implications they have. People allow ourselves to be guided more by emotions than by anything else, and that is precisely why it is so important to take them into account.
  • Memory: When designing a website, we have to think about the limitations of people to remember. Often, the paths for the user to return to the starting point are not taken into account, which makes them feel confused.
  • The mentality: The user will have beliefs, stereotypes, their interpretation of society, and the people around them. Continuing along this line, we see why more and more users seek other people’s evaluations of a product on the network: it is not just mistrust. It also implies what prejudices and beliefs they have.
  • Motivation: The user must be motivated throughout the time they are on the website, not only initially, as they may also leave. 
  • Learning: From the moment a user enters a web page, they become a learner, and that means that we have to teach them the steps they have to take to achieve their goal. In addition, the information must be structured so that the user easily understands all the content on the web.

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The User Interface Or UI

The user interface or UI is the set of elements on the screen that allow the user to interact with a web page. One of the world experts in UI is Jakob Nielsen, who has developed a series of improvements in terms of usability and interface on the web. According to Nielsen, the most important elements of a UI are the following:

  • Purpose of the site: it must be clear to whom the website belongs and what functions it allows to perform.
  • Help the user: the navigation system has to be visible, and it also has to include an additional search system.
  • Show content: it must be explained clearly and with text elements that help it to be read (such as titles, bold, etc.).
  • Functional graphic design: graphic elements should be aimed at improving the user’s find what he wants, and not just as decoration.

Where UX Ends And UI Begins.

The UX is what we want our users to feel when entering our website, while the UI is what we do and put on the screen so that the user can feel it. Both things are complementary: we will not be able to have a good user experience without a good interface design, and in turn, improving this design will make the user experience equally better. Therefore, UX and UI must go hand in hand to achieve 100% of the goal.

There are more and more experts in this field, and companies are looking for professionals in the sector in order to have a website in good condition.


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