Tools To Improve Customer Experience Or User Experience

Tools To Improve Customer Experience Or User Experience

One of the main objectives of brands, with the appearance of new digital tools and Web 2.0, where customers and sellers do not interact directly, is to connect with the user and guarantee their shopping experience, even if it was online. It is for this reason that lately, the Customer Experience is on the lips of all professionals dedicated to the e-Commerce sector, who are looking for new strategies to improve the user experience, and at the same time, increase the efficiency of the company. Usually, one of the most frequently asked questions by companies is, how can you improve the user experience? Here we show you a series of tools for Customer Experience.

Tools To Enhance The User Experience

1. Improve The Mobile Experience

More and more customers are using their mobile phones to connect to the internet, whether it is to search, buy online, or share documents in the cloud. Until the advent of smartphones, websites were designed to be navigated through a larger computer screen, rather than on small screens. This has meant a rethinking of website developers since they now have to take into account a new factor when creating sites, the Responsive Web.

That a page has a Responsive Web means that it can be adapted to any screen, be it a computer, tablets, or mobile, in this way the content will always be seen correctly and without being deformed, on any of these devices. However, sometimes the Responsive system doesn’t quite work well depending on the site, and many companies opt for customer service platforms that have very specific mobile support capabilities. 

2. Have Online Chats

Many websites have an online chat as a customer service assistant, in this way, they provide security to the user since they have someone to contact in case they have doubts or problems while browsing the web.

The evolution of these chats will undoubtedly be chatbots, a trend for 2018 that will undoubtedly give much to talk about. These chatbots are a computer program with which it is possible to have a conversation, whether we want to ask you for some information or to carry out an action. Their main objective is that they function as an assistant to the client in an automated way and that they can answer any question that may arise to the user.

3. Provide Self-Service Resources

When we talk about self-service resources, we refer to any support information so that customers can find answers to all the questions that may arise. The most used format is the FAQ section that we usually see in the footer of websites, known as Frequently Asked Questions.

However, caution should be exercised when using these resources, since if the information is incomplete, confusing, or does not answer the questions adequately, instead of generating a good experience, it will generate a bad experience for customers and, as a result, a bad image towards the company.

One key to producing self-service resources that enhance the customer experience is effective knowledge management. Many customer service platforms offer this functionality and enable companies to turn these resources into effective tools to improve the experience.

4. Have Customer Service On Social Media

Social networks have become a medium where we share experiences with friends, family, and acquaintances, but where companies also publish content and information about their products and services and interact directly with customers.

The problem is that sometimes companies don’t have enough resources and tools to monitor the conversations that take place on social media. For this reason, a company’s services department needs to oversee such conversations to find customers who need help.

The best solution to improve the monitoring of conversations is with customer service platforms that have a support application for social networks, thus avoiding manual labor.

Some social media support applications can monitor channels for complaints and automatically convert the text into a ticket. This ticket is then sent to an agent’s customer queue, and once resolved, it is closed.

5. Offer Omnichannel Customer Support

Offering different routes or channels to clients so that they can present their doubts or opinions is one way of assuring them that the agents will receive them and that they will get a response.

To improve the customer experience using this type of care, we must be clear that customers should be allowed to contact the same company several times and through different channels. In addition to allowing the conversation to continue where it was left.

But to be able to offer this type of help, you must have a centralized client management platform. In addition, it offers benefits beyond the customer experience, as it also makes the workflow of the agents in service more efficient.

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