How To Trade-In Old iPhone 7 For A New One

How To Trade-In Old iPhone 7 For A New One

The iPhone 7 is a comprehensive handset that delighted Apple users with its features and functionalities. The handset performed exceptionally and lived up to the expectations of everyone. However, the handset has become old now, especially with the arrival of the iPhone 12 and its various versions. You can get a new handset by getting rid of your old one. In this article, we show how you can trade in old iPhone 7 for a new one.

Selling Old iPhone 7

If you are looking for the ideal choices to sell iPhone 7, you need to research your options well. There are several bulk purchasers of mobile phones online and aggregators. There are network providers that offer you to exchange old cell phones and get some money off from the cost of the upgraded one. There are a lot of recycling companies that will give you a respectable sum for your iPhone 7.

Sites like eBay are likewise an alternative. But it is a website that remains swarmed with listings. So there is no assurance that you will get to sell your gadget. You can likewise check mobile aggregators that make exchanging old handsets easy.

Things To Keep In Mind

Here are some tips for selling your old iPhone 7. It will be helpful for those who are attempting to sell their handset online for the first time.

  • Check the handset

iPhone users and broke screen are inseparable. Around one out of five or six users have a broken screen. If you belong to the same category, you can still sell a broken iPhone. However, you will not get the best value. It will qualify under the wrecked handset category, which incorporates other harm to the handset like dents. Mass purchasers will acknowledge broken gadgets as they can repair them. So, research well and opt for purchasers that will offer a decent sum for broken handsets.

  • Research

Getting the best incentive for your old handset will rely a lot on your research. Regardless of whether you track down a couple of specialist buyers offering a good value, check once with their rivals also. You may probably land a better offer with them. Getting some additional money will be helpful if you want the iPhone 12 that costs a lot. The higher the sum you get for your old handset, the lower you will have to pay to buy the new one.

  • Reset

It is prudent to factory reset your handset prior to selling old cell phones. In the event that you don’t do that, you may pass your information in possession of an outsider. Regardless of whether you sell it online or to recyclers, they won’t acknowledge a handset that has information in it. Prior to doing the factory reset, back up the information so you can restore it later on your new handset. You can then securely do the factory reset and send the gadget to the purchaser.

What About Locked IPhone 7

You can sell network-locked devices as well. However, the sum you will get will be lesser than the one you will get for unlocked handsets. The resale value for the locked gadgets additionally relies upon the network providers. When you sell the device to the buyer, do not forget to mention that it works only on a particular network.

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