5 Best Devices Except For A Smartphone

5 Best Devices Except For A Smartphone

We are used to a smartphone replacing a camera and a navigator, an e-book and an audio player, and also regularly supplying news and entertainment content. On the run and in a hurry, the smartphone is useful for both looking for football betting odds and watching movies. But if you need to be sensible, devices that are designed specifically for a particular task are handy. What other gadgets can improve your life? These are the 5 best ones.


Tablets differ from smartphones in size. They often beat smartphones in terms of convenience in a variety of situations. Watching cartoons for a small child and chatting on Skype for an elderly person is more comfortable on a tablet. For a student to attend virtual lessons at Zoom and for a sales manager to process incoming orders, too. The tablet is also much better at performing the function of an e-book and a game console.

Relatively expensive gadgets also have exclusive features. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 supports a special pen for drawing and note-taking. And the iPad Pro will cope even with the editing 4K-video and 3D design.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers will not only help time after time to improve athletic performance but also monitor your health. For example, some will record your heart rate around the clock and analyze the sleep phases of the owner, while others count the number of kilocalories burned during a workout in the gym, jogging or walking around town.

The basic features of fitness trackers have not changed for several years. It’s the counting of steps and the display of notifications about calls and other events in the smartphone. Choosing your device among dozens of offers also pay attention to extra features like good autonomy, water-resistant housing, the function of measuring blood pressure, analysis of running training, etc.

GPS Tracker

It’s one of the most useful gadgets in terms of security. It allows you to track the movement of people and objects that are tens or even hundreds of miles away. If you are worried about a little kid getting lost, or an elderly person who has memory problems because of their age, just put a GPS tracker in their pocket. You’ll be able to see their exact location on your smartphone screen at any time, and they’ll be able to call for help by pressing the SOS button. On the same principle, the tracker will help control things. For example, luggage at the airport or a car parked on a nearby street.

Smart Watches

For an adult, such a watch is about status and convenience. For children and elderly people, it is about the safety and care of their loved ones. Children like bright design, and parents enjoy important practical points: the ability to call from a parent’s phone to a child’s watch, block calls from unknown callers (trusted numbers should be placed in the memory of the device in advance), the accuracy of geolocation. On some models, you can remotely turn on the microphone and hear what they’re talking about or what’s going on next to the child.

With the watch for the older generation, there is a similar story. They provide quality communication, do not receive incoming calls from other people’s numbers and monitor the movement of its owner with the help of GPS. As a bonus, producers add features such as pressure monitoring, step counting and weather information, which is important for weather-aware people.

Smart Plug

All the previous devices are portable, and only the smart plug is a “stationary” gadget. It can be used only indoors: at home or in the office. The main difference from conventional plugs is smart control via an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can remotely turn on and off an electric kettle or an iron, an air conditioner or a convector.

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