The Best iPhone XR Cases, Here are Which Ones To Choose

The Best iPhone XR Cases, Here are Which Ones To Choose

iPhone XR arrived in 2018 but this phone remains more popular than ever thanks to a drop in price and the fact that iPhone 11 isn’t all that different. Many of our readers have certainly updated their old iPhones by purchasing this model even in the presence of the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. For many, it is, therefore, time to think about how to protect it with a cover. THE

prices of this accessory, often the only one that you buy, are usually very accessible, in other cases, they are products of different level cases and therefore the price is too. Apple has also launched its own case but it is those of third parties that are the protagonists, as you can see by looking at Amazon. As mentioned, these are, for the most part, really cheap covers, from around 10 euros. We have tried to go in search of products that can also give something more, without disdaining the best among the economic cases. Here is the selection, which can also be simply a starting point to then choose may be something different.

Apple Transparent Case

The Apple case for iPhone XR came after all the others but in the end, it was as always among the best sellers. Among the peculiarities of the iPhone XR the chassis, available in six different color variants; this case, completely transparent, puts the monsters on the back. It is an “invisible” cover designed to protect the device while minimizing the impact on the original design. The composition – explains Cupertino – is a mixture of polycarbonate and flexible TPU, which allows the cover to adapt perfectly, guaranteeing easy pressing of the buttons. This same case has become the model for those of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. There is also a silicone model with different colors which usually has a lower price.

Otterbox Symmetry

OtterBox has always produced protective cases; one of these is Symmetry. It is a kind of alternative to Apple’s clear protective case at a lower cost. From a design point of view, the style is the same which makes it light, thin, and easy to store in your pocket. It is made of two materials, the stiffer the edge, the more flexible the rest, despite being one piece. The raised, beveled edge ensures maximum protection for the screen. Unlike other Otterbox products, it is unable to cope with catastrophic falls, but there is more than enough to limit the damage in the case of casual accidents.

Spigen Cases

Other cases that we would like to recommend are certainly those of Spigen, which usually offer excellent quality at absolutely competitive prices. For those who do not pay much attention to minimalism, the ideal is the Spigen Rugged cover. It is a softcover, made of flexible TPU, with reinforced corners, which offer greater protection to the terminal, without significantly altering its shapes.

Journal Twelve South

The Twelve South Journal is made of leather and blends purse, luxury cover for iPhone XR, and also the support function. We tested it by finding all the typical advantages of solutions of this type: instead of two objects to which we must constantly pay attention, with this cover they are reduced to just one. Before leaving, just put iPhone XR in your pocket inside Journal to have both your smartphone and money, documents, credit card, debit card, driving license, provided you have the documents available in compact plasticized versions, in passport format. The refined design completes the work with resistant stitching in plain sight, as well as grooves and engravings that embellish the whole.

Mous Protective Case iPhone XR

Always talking about protective cases, this one from Mous represents a very original piece. It is made of Carbon fiber and Aramid fiber (the fabric that is used for bulletproof vests). These are two materials that make the case light and very resistant. In the AiroShock design, small air pockets and lattices of polymer chains act as springs and interact to absorb impact energy and disperse it. In the box, you will also find a three-layer screen protector made of a mixture of TPU, PET, and silicone that absorbs 3 times more shock than normal protectors, without compromising the functionality of the screen.

Urban Armor Gear Plyo

If iPhone XR protection is a priority, but you don’t want to give up color and style, then you should check out the Urban Armor Gear Plyo. This accessory is presented as the thinnest and most elegant military-grade protection system for iPhone XR; basically protects your phone from multiple drops without damage. Specific tests have been carried out that certifies that an iPhone with this case can fall up to 26 times from 120 centimeters in height while remaining intact. To report the transparent back and the fact that the case is compatible with wireless charging.

Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone XR

Among the best manufacturers of iPhone cases are Mujjo of which those with pockets are known. The iPhone XR version like the others is soft but resistant at the same time. In the practical pocket on the back, we can insert credit cards or cash, thus assuming to leave the house only with this cover, without a wallet in tow. There is no disturbing element on the display, and all keys are obviously usable without having to remove the case. The cover, tested by Macitynet, despite not weighing down the design of the device very much, is discreetly protective. The finishes, the manufacturer assures, are resistant to wear and the edges of the cover offer impact protection, while the leather material increases the grip of the device interior.

Olixar iPhone XR

This case features a ring on the back. It is primarily used, as you can imagine, to hold iPhone XR firmly while traveling or while standing in precarious situations; inside the ring, you run your finger and this greatly improves your grip. The ring also serves as a small stand to hold the iPhone appropriately at an angle. The ring, when not needed, closes in a special recess making the case slim and very pocketable. The case also has a decent protective effect on the device.

Tech21 Pure Print

If you are not interested in white, black or transparent and you want something more imaginative and original, Tech21’s Pure Prints are what you need. These are very colorful cases with floral-themed designs, original and well built. They are made 37% plant-based, with a self-healing finish that erases the less deep scratches, therefore all those are produced by rubbing the case. Internally the Pure Print cases have ribs that together with the material with which they are produced help to cushion the impacts and protect the phone. The colors and designs are many. Below you see the Strawberry Thief.

Apple Smart Battery Case

What is the Smart Battery Case we should not tell it here, given the number of times we have mentioned it in recent years? To those who were distracted in summary, we say that it is an accessory built by Apple as an alternative to the classic external batteries with which a battery is combined with a robust and shockproof case. iPhone recognizes the battery natively and manages it intelligently as if it were part of the phone itself. We tested the first version of the Smart Battery Case whose operation has never changed until this year with those for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro which also have a button to take pictures. The one for iPhone XR does not have this particularity, but it is a great way to extend the duration of use of an iPhone or to cope with a battery that is a bit worn out. According to Apple’s data, it brings talk time up to 39 hours, internet browsing up to 22 hours, and video playback up to 27 hours.

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