How To Get Money From Home? All You Need To Know – Part 3

How To Get Money From Home? All You Need To Know – Part 3

A generation is coming that has grown up with technologies, which is a competitive advantage today. The jobs of the future undoubtedly have to do with digitization and the Internet. You must know that in order to live from it, it requires a lot of dedication and effort since the results are not always seen immediately.

Earn Money From Home By Specializing

Create Content

Many companies require people who specialize in creating content, the so-called copywriter. Here not only is the natural dowry that we have to write about something important, the content creation work has behind it a whole strategy that we must also know. But if you already have this basic knowledge, do not hesitate to cheer up and browse pages like Fiverr, where the usual price of both offering and obtaining a service is $ 5.

Online Teacher

The learning model has also changed in terms of private lessons. More and more people are taking advantage of studying online. Why not study Portuguese with a teacher who is in Lisbon? If you think you have something to teach, surely someone needs to learn it anywhere. An example where putting your knowledge to use and earning money is Tutor Freelance.

Consultant From Home

Many jobs can perfectly perform all your tasks from home. This is increasingly the case for consultants. Compensates saving costs when working with consultants in Digital Marketing or business consulting.


Who has not heard of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies? If you know about it and have an eye, you can get to work at home and earn money from home. Many people see it as a once-and-go investment, but if you’re willing to spend time and track, this is a good option to forget about an office.

Image Retouching

The fact that more users want to buy online makes e-commerce grow, and with them many needs related to the sector. Now you can consider being a product image retoucher for all those online stores.


We highlight the use of this application because it offers many services remotely, with just one computer in between. It can be very useful for people who offer a personal service (coaching, therapy) as it does not have fixed costs.

Business Angel

Another way to earn money with the investment is to do it in online projects that you consider to have a future. Not having the necessary initial capital, if you have a certain amount of money, you can invest in them. Later you will collect possible benefits and earn money from home.

Get To Know These Websites To Earn Money From Home.

Transcription Of Content

We must take advantage of the needs that arise to satisfy them; this is the case of transcription on the Internet. The videos and audios posted on the websites must be transcribed to text to better position Google. It can be tedious work for many companies, so having a figure in charge of it will be very helpful. Here you can carry out content transcription work: I want to Transcribe.

Swagbucks: Generate Extra Income

It is a free website that has different ways to earn money, such as surveys, offers, searches, or games. The platform basically pays us to perform a series of tasks. The objective is to get the SB points (which are equivalent to 1 dollar) and then exchange them for money or for gift cards or other rewards. 

We don’t think you can get rich with this method, but it can be a good option to fill your bank account a little more at the end of the month. What we do know is that Swagbuck has paid its members more than € 185 million since 2007. 

They Pay You To Give Your Opinion

It is so. There are market research companies hired by brands so that they know the opinion of potential customers. In this way, the risk decreases when launching a product. For this reason, they carry out online surveys, and anyone can participate!

There are several portals where you pay to answer a series of questions. It is the example of SurveyBee, which already has more than 50,000 members. There are also platforms like Global Test Market.

Test Products

For companies, it is essential to have good reviews and evaluations of their products. To get them, they don’t launch the product and wait for customers to comment on it, but instead, pay people to try them. On some occasions, we may not finally get a remuneration, but the product does. If you are interested, you can access pages like Toluna.

Beware there are portals in which they do not ask you for anything in exchange for trying a product because the company assumes that if you like it, you will continue to buy it and because if you forget to cancel the trial of this, you will continue to pay an amount without realizing it.

Solve Captchas As An Online Source Of Income

If you have already been surprised by the subject of the sale of video game accounts, this new option will surely leave you speechless. Have you ever had to click on a tab where it says I’m not a robot? Undoubtedly, today a barrier is needed to distinguish a human from a robot.

There are captchas, and solving them can give you easy money. There are websites where captchas resolved by users are sold to others who insert them as a barrier. We warn you that for every 1000 captchas solved you can earn a dollar, do you think it would be worth it?

Visit A Website

It is not an option that will give you many benefits, but visiting web pages is not a task that takes a lot of effort and is a way to earn money from home. Companies pay people to visit their website at a certain time, always for monetary reasons. They want their pages to be better positioned, that audiences see the number of people who visit them.

Evaluate Web Pages

There is a Hotjar website in which users are paid to make an evaluation of a page of no more than 20 minutes. In this way, the pages check the usability of your site and can improve it to get more engagement.

Siweb pays $ 10 to evaluate websites. One of these tests lasts about 15-20 minutes. The value that is offered to a web owner by providing information about users’ real experience is much higher, but $ 10 is not a bad price either.

Content Translator

In addition to being an online teacher, if you have knowledge of languages, you can dedicate yourself to the translation of web pages from home. Many businesses have no borders, so much less will have them on the Internet. A website where you can carry out your work as a translator is TexMaster.


You can also dedicate yourself to calling by phone to sell any type of product. So you can earn money from home with websites like LiveOps with which you can work from home. 

+1 Crowdfunding

We also wanted to highlight crowdfunding, although it is not a way to earn profits. If you have a project and need financing, you can use platforms like Gofundme. You can publicize it and get people to fall in love with it and contribute their grain of sand. You won’t earn money, but you may be able to carry out your life project.

As you have seen, there are many options with which to earn money from home. It is easy to get excited, and we encourage you to start with any of them. One of the things that technology has is that it allows you to unleash your passion if one of them is marketing.

If you know of any other way to earn money from home, do not hesitate to share it!

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