Robot plays “Super Mario Bros.” With a Controller

Robot plays “Super Mario Bros.” With a Controller

Who wants to play together?

I’ve heard many times that robots are entering the human work arena, and Twitch’s popular broadcasters may no longer be an exception …!

At the University of Maryland, a research team working in the field of robotics called non-metal soft robotics succeeded in producing robot hands with 3D printing.

Originally, the hands of general robots are designed so that the joints are moved by servo motors and pneumatic cylinders, which enables accurate control, but on the other hand, many failures occur due to a large amount of power and complicated programming required. There was one side that was easy to do.

On the other hand, the robot’s hand-printed with the fluid circuit fully incorporated can move each finger simply by changing the pressure of the pump, and apply a little pressure to move the first finger. You can move other fingers by moving and then gradually increasing the pressure.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach, the research team at the Bioinspired Advanced Manufacturing (BAM) Laboratory decided to hold the controller in the hands of the robot and play ” Super Mario Brothers ” on the NES.

As a result, the robot’s fingers successfully manipulated buttons such as the cross key and were able to clear the first stage within 90 seconds. By the way, there is still a big difference compared to the world record of fewer than 12 seconds, so this robot may not threaten the new record holders of every game for the time being.

Although not strong in games, this robot has plenty of potential. Because it uses 3D printers and soft materials, it is possible to create functional robots inexpensively and quickly. Maybe it won’t be long before a soft robot-like Big Hero 6 is born …?

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