Brawl Stars Robo Rumble with LDPlayer Best Tips

Brawl Stars Robo Rumble with LDPlayer Best Tips

Brawl Stars with LDPlayer is now the most excellent option for you to have a fantastic gaming experience. With all the running and the saving, until others disappear, it is your chance to being with the world’s best free android emulator and let’s take our road trip on Brawl stars Robo Rumble best tips.

Robo Bumble is a map with an enormous scale, and it is much more like a showdown map. The safest place on this map is situated in the center of it. You have to defeat all kinds of safe from the robot bandits and do this as much as you can. Because if you beat more of them, you are earning so much more rewards.

All these robots are coming with different sides, and it is safe to say that they are coming to all sides with many numbers. Your task is to do your best to try to defend them. Now you can Play Brawl Stars on PC too.

Four Types Of Robots You Will See In Robo Rumble.

  • Melee robot – melee rob is the highest HP one and has a range of long attacks. Making high his attacking speed and has a movement speed with slow.
  • Mini Robot – mini-robots have a low HP with them and have an attacking speed in a medium range. It has a range for short attack deals with a good movement speed as well.
  • Ranged Robot – these are the ones that have moderate HPs and have a long attack range with them. Ranged robots have slow attacking with them and a considerable movement speed.
  • Boss Robot –these are super high in their HP and have total damage. You can see there is a short-range for attack and can even shoot a rocket.

You have to know that when it is passing wave #21, there will be no boss i for the spawn.

There will be only regular robots after that, and they are going to pawn everywhere on your map. If you spawn a boss robot, all the other robots generating right after him are getting an increased value of HP and damage for them.

When it is arriving at the third boos robot, all the other melee robots can charge themselves. If you are unable to destroy these robots after spending 90 seconds, they will get an extra speed with them, and things will not be easier.

Tips For Robo Rumble Map

Tips for Robo Rumble Map.

You have to look at the top 5 brawlers to engage in this map, and you have to focus on leveling up them. You have to do these level-ups for your favorite brawler within a short time because when you do this, leveling DPS and making huge differences. So you now will be able to finish up in the boats. So do care to make your leveling as much as speedier you can.

Make sure to create a team. If you cannot make the team, play this Robo Rumble with your friends or with your club members. It is way better than playing alone because it helps you to grow on this map. If you have an organized brawlers team, it will help you a lot in the game lay, and if these members are good on this map, it is way better than taking a risk.

Make sure to stay near safe because bots are coming all the way on the map. You don’t know where these robots are coming and it is good for you to stay safe.

There is a Robo Boss, and he is performing a spawn for every seven waves. You have to grab them as speedier as possible; then, they will not be alive when the following bots are coming to the can. You have to keep an appropriate distance as much as you can. Because distance makes you safe, and it makes the bots turn away for sure.

As we said, earlier some of the Robo bosses are firing the rockets. You will not need these fire rockets to happen, and you never like it to have near your safe zone. A fire rocket will open so many accessing points for arriving in your safe area. So it will be better to take place on the opposite side of your boss. That is the ideal place you will be secure, and robots will never perform rocketing at the nearest walls. You become safe then.

Do not ever spam for your auto-aiming. This thing will be more advantageous for you in several situations, and if you do use this auto-aim, make sure to not spam. Because if you do, you are going to waste these shots on the bots that have died decades ago. That is useless. You have to know that Robo Rumble considers DPS as the most critical factor in the game mode, and every shot you perform will be counted.

Robo Rumble

It is not a rule for you to fall in the safe back. If you can lure all the bots away from your safe, it will prevent them from getting damaged. Make it a point in your mind.

Robo Rumble With LDPlayer

Robo Rumble is a place where you have to use your controls very carefully, and if one thing is mistaken by you going to make your end. So every moment you perform has to be smoothest and careful. That is why you need good key controls.

As you are playing this game on your PC, you will not worry about the key controls you have because you have a mouse and a keyboard to perform the gameplay. There is no need to be trouble over a tiny touch screen. But do you know that now you can add your favourite key pints and key movements for your game? If not, you have to know it.

Robo Rumble with LDPlayer.

LDPlayer is presenting a key mapping tool for all the gamers to make their gaming experience way better, and now players are free to add their flexible keys to their favourite movements. By doing this, you are getting free with these all entering robots, and now you have the chance to make your enemies into way more defeat. They are no more thinking and performing. Just do your favourite key functions, and the whole gameplay is with you.


Robo Rumble would be a great map gaming experience for all gamers with LDPlayer, and it is g to make your gaming experience a way better way than you expect. Every time its speed becomes up, and without your careful vision, you are going to lose. Every Robot comes with speed, and they do increase it over time. So dealing with them has to be very cautious. Engage in this big map to earn your special rewards.

Defeating these all greedy kinds of robot bandits be more complicated, but with LDPlayer, it is not anymore play with concern to become safe from these very greedy ones, and they will come from all over the map. Your task is to be safe and defend them. Once again, defend these heroes with your ideal key sets and controls and make sure to be in a defensive state as much as you can. Earn rewards, and do your every effort to be remain.

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