How to Choose a Time Tracking App to Reduce Absenteeism in Your Company

How to Choose a Time Tracking App to Reduce Absenteeism in Your Company

Many companies lose up to $1,685 per employee because of an ordinary and preventable problem. Absenteeism costs businesses an average of 3 million days every year and often goes unmonitored by employers. 

While your company may have a policy regarding the number of planned leaves an employee can take, many requested leaves are unplanned and untracked. As a result, your company can lose millions of dollars each year due to lost productivity caused by absent employees. 

Your company might not be aware that many leaves have a lot of common reasons behind them. When you begin to understand what these reasons are, you can start resolving them and creating a better workplace for your employees.

To streamline leave applications and to gain better insights about how to decrease employee absenteeism, you can use a free time tracking app. Such apps allow you to monitor your workforce’s working time and vacations. 

Benefits of Time-Tracking Software

Time-tracking software has a multitude of advantages that could be beneficial for your company’s working culture:

  • Automatic check-ins and check-outs that are presented in reports
  • Accurate Payroll Reporting to the second
  • Labor law compliance
  • A streamlined process for managers and HR
  • Billable hours are clearly defined
  • Increased Transparency

Prevent Time Theft

Even when your employee checks in to work, they are not working the entire eight or more hours they are getting paid for. Many employees are estimated to be productive for only three to four hours a day, which means that your company is losing a significant amount of money by paying employees even for the time they don’t work.  

With time-tracking software, you can check exactly how your employee spends their working day. It prevents them from doing other activities while they’re working for you. It can help you see when your employees are taking breaks and when they start and end work every day.  

It will prevent workplace absenteeism because you will know if your employee takes unplanned breaks or consistently leaves earlier than scheduled. 

Unplanned leaves are recorded on the software, and you can check the reasons listed for their leaves in a report or graph for easier management. In addition, your time-tracking app will have insights on various components such as campaign management, type of leaves employees take, etc. 

Make Your Employees Accountable

Using time-tracker software makes your employees aware that they can be held accountable for the time spent while they’re at work and also for their various unplanned absences.

If they know that you will use their absences in their evaluation and performance report, it can lead to a significant drop in absences and leaves.

Being Financially Prudent

Leaves and vacations ultimately take a toll on your company’s finances. When your employees take unplanned long absences from work, you may have to hire contractual workers to fill their roles.

Time-tracking software can let you see who the highest performers and the most efficient employees are in your company. Then, when you start rewarding them with incentives and prizes, other employees will be motivated to achieve that commendation, reducing unnecessary absenteeism.

Gain Insights into Your Company’s Work Culture

There could be various work-related reasons behind your employees’ continued absences. Job dissatisfaction, negative working environment, and heavy workload are some common reasons for employee absenteeism.  

Suppose an employee receives low-value and time-consuming tasks repeatedly. In that case, they are inclined to take absences as they don’t see their work as productive and valuable to the company or themselves.

When you introduce engaging and exciting tasks for employees who tend to take higher leaves, it could help reduce absenteeism. Time-tracking software not only tracks absences and check-ins, but it could also help you figure out what tasks are time-consuming and low-value. 

Choose the Best Time-tracking Software for Your Company

By understanding your employees better through time-tracking software, you can eliminate unsatisfying and redundant tasks from their schedules. In addition, it is an enabling factor that will help you cultivate an engaging and motivated workforce.

When your employees are invested in their work and challenged to do new tasks, they will automatically become less likely to take an unplanned absence. In addition, when they know their work is valuable to the company’s success, it will eliminate their job dissatisfaction, thus further reducing absenteeism. 

A free time tracking app will let you test out the utility of the software for your company and make the investment when you have determined that it is beneficial for you and your employees.

Time-tracking software is cloud-based and automated, which saves you from the process of manually filing sheets and unnecessary paperwork. Not only will it make tracking and monitoring absences (planned and unplanned) easier and efficient, it will also help you find ways to reduce them permanently.

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