How To Get Money From Home? All You Need To Know – Part 1

How To Get Money From Home? All You Need To Know – Part 1

money from home: With the incorporation of new technologies, many jobs have arisen that no one thought possible before. Who has not dreamed of having their own schedules, being their own boss, and earning money from home?

Sell ​​Online And Earn Money From Home

Sell ​​Second-Hand Items

Who does not know a platform where they can sell furniture, clothing, or any object that will no longer be used? eBay, Amazon, Wallapop are just some of them. As an example, we have Sophia Amoruso, who is only 22 years old and, at the beginning of eBay, decided to put vintage items for sale and her own clothes. She got people to fight over the clothes. Today, that store has become Nasty Gal with which it managed to appear on the Forbes list.

Don’t worry, if your dream is not to have a great brand, you can easily search your house and that of your family and friends and see what you find.

Sale Of Photographs

If your passion is photography, now you can earn money with it. You should bear in mind that copyright on the Internet is often not respected, so we advise you to use platforms such as,, or Otherwise, it is very easy to steal an image and make it your own.

If you see that this can be a good option to work from home, it could be useful to buy advanced equipment, since the lighting or the lens we use improves the quality and therefore the monetization of our photographs.

Sell, Not Video Games But Accounts

Oddly enough, even with video game accounts, you can do business. An account at an advanced level is a desire of many when they start playing and are willing to pay to start at a higher level. Cheats? Yes, but if the idea of ​​playing games and getting items on a screen appeals to you, keep in mind that you can get real money later.


Initial investments in certain businesses may impede conducting businesses that we had in mind. If you want to embark on e-commerce, dropshipping can be a very good option. Thus, you do not have physical products, but you buy them from a wholesaler. With this, the initial investment is much lower, and you forget about certain expenses since it is the wholesaler who has the products in stock and sends them to the buyer. 

You get the benefit by selling the product at a price higher than what you bought it from the wholesaler.

In the same line of dropshipping, we recommend the Fulfilled by Amazon system, with which you can save money on packaging or transport. In this case, it is Amazon who is responsible for all the logistics to deliver your product to the customer.

How To Make Easy Money With Design

Web Design

When the Internet had been the first to see the opportunity to be there for a few years, they naturally did so thanks to a website. Later, this world has caught the attention of many curious people who, on their own, decided to start investigating how this was created from scratch. Who does not know someone who is knowledgeable about computers? As a hobby, those people who started creating their own website with HTML today can dedicate themselves to it if they know how to take advantage of the opportunity.

If you know how to make web pages, this is your option, without a doubt. And if you have already done some for family and acquaintances, we encourage you to start looking for new opportunities, because surely there are.

WordPress CMS design is well known; many of the Internet pages are created with this platform due to its simplicity and usability. 

I Work As A Graphic Designer

Along the same lines as the previous one, there are many people who, from their fondness for programs like Photoshop or their fondness for drawing, have managed to make their profession. The figure of the graphic designer is often outsourced, looking for freelance design professionals. It is a good opportunity to take advantage of your talent and get jobs for different brands.

Also, if you like to create designs on any type of object, we recommend Etsy, where you can hang your designs and get money in return. 

Design Plugins

At this point, experience and knowledge in web and computer development are necessary. Web design is as diverse as the people and companies that want to be on the Internet. So thanks to the design of plugins and templates, we can earn money from home.

Apps Developer

The functionalities of our mobile phones come from the apps that we download. As our imagination is infinite and today we want to satisfy our needs with the mobile, it is a great opportunity for those interested in programming.

At the moment, the mobile has no limits, so work in the apps is guaranteed.

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