6 Top Tips For Creating Amazing Video Game Ideas

6 Top Tips For Creating Amazing Video Game Ideas

Studies project that the global video game industry will exceed £147 billion ($200 billion) by 2023. Most consumers and critics eagerly anticipate the next big video game or the next superstar developer. This increasing pressure can make it challenging to develop first-class video game ideas that meet or exceed those heightened expectations. Here are 6 effective strategies that will help you achieve this goal:

Research Online Websites, Forums & Message Boards

Quality research plays a pivotal role in the development of quality video games. The same principle applies to developing video game ideas. For instance, if you want to create a casino or a game, then using trusted websites like Ask Gamblers is a good idea. It would help if you also considered gaming forums and message boards actively used by your target audience. In addition to contributing to various conversations, take time to interact with the existing comments and concerns. The results that this type of research can generate may surprise you.

Get Playing Time With Other Gamers

One of the best ways to spark creativity in the gaming world is to play with other gamers. It is easy to focus too much attention on your personal favourites and lose touch with your target audience. Whether you play with them side-by-side or through online multiplayer options, spend some quality time interacting with other gamers. Doing so will help you determine the likes and dislikes of your target audience. This insight will help you to steer your video game ideas towards their needs instead of your own.

Analyse & Dissect Other Types Of Popular Content

Most mobile and video game developers that encounter a mental block when developing video game ideas are victims of tunnel vision. If you only pay attention to video games instead of other types of popular and engaging content, you will run out of steam time and time again. Consider the most popular television shows, movies, documentaries, and even viral videos online. What makes them appealing and enjoyable? What topics do they cover? How does the character development hook viewers and pique their curiosity? You can also focus on quality blogs, articles, and even message board posts from credible sources and trusted websites like Ask Gamblers. Concentrate on those key elements to create top-notch ideas for your next video game.

Explore A Variety Of Genres

The average gamer has at least one favourite genre that may guide their buying decisions. According to Statista, the top 3 genres for Indian gamers are puzzle, action, and adventure titles. An effective way to create high-quality video game ideas is to broaden your horizon and explore games from different genres. This strategy will help you change your perspective and perhaps inspire you to combine multiple genres within the same concept. For example, a video game title in India that includes action, puzzles, and adventure could potentially become a bestseller.

Look For Creative Spins On Existing Games

There is nothing wrong with finding a creative spin on an existing video game and concept, and asking the “What if” question when analysing existing content can spark your creativity. A little imagination can go a long way. Most popular video games today were inspired or influenced in some way by a predecessor. The same could be said about engaging content – from TV shows and movies to reality & home improvement series. Think about the games that top your list of favourites. If you brainstorm new perspectives and fresh spins even on those relatively few titles, you may be able to come up with a few excellent video game ideas.

Create Video Games To Use As Experiments

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the development of video game ideas. You could even become overwhelmed to the point of never advancing past the idea stage. One of the best ways to prevent this plateau of progress is to create and complete video games. As you grow, study and analyse your game’s overall development as if it was an experiment. This will help you to notice the strengths you may have overlooked along with areas you can improve. Document your findings and conclusions from each stage of the “experiment.” Doing so will help you explore new ideas, approaches, and concepts that you can use in future projects.

The Bottom Line

Most success stories in the video game industry did not hit the “jackpot” on their first try. Some experience quite a few failures long before they achieve success. The key is not to become discouraged. On the contrary, focus on making steady progress over time as a video game developer. Work on your existing projects to completion, learn from your mistakes, and continue to expand your knowledge base and skillset. A solid work ethic, persistence, and determination will help you work towards your ultimate goal of creating a quality game that makes a significant impact within this ever-expanding industry.

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