Marketing Mobile Actions To Generate Conversions

Marketing Mobile Actions To Generate Conversions

Mobile marketing is who does not use the mobile phone, the phablet, or the tablet to connect to the Internet today? More and more followers are using a small, accessible device with Internet access to connect, chat, and above all, make purchases online. For the user to decide to exchange money for products or services on the web, there is a marketing strategy behind conversion.

Conversion is nothing other than the act of converting. Translated into the language of mobile marketing, they would be all those actions programmed by the company that causes the user to “become” an active customer and therefore form part of the fulfillment of the objectives set by the conversion strategy. In this post, we apply it to mobile marketing, the marketing strategies used in mobile devices.

The moment of conversion is determined from the moment the user decides to “click” on one or more elements that appear on the screen, but what is the strategy? The action must be decisive and go with the online target line. There is no marketing strategy without conversion.

Why Is Mobile Marketing Important?

  • The use of smartphone is growing. 68% of users admit to checking the mobile phone daily within the first 15 minutes of the day, and 30% feel “anxious” if they do not carry it.
  • The search for information on the web from devices is also growing.
  • We, humans, spend much of our time on mobile apps.
  • It is easier to use a mobile phone than a computer. In the bag, in hand, in the pants pocket. We must admit that we live glued to these small devices.

In the conversion strategy, it is essential to know what are the most critical moments for the strategy, and for this, it is essential to know our audience. Keep reading because you deserve to dedicate a little more of your time so that we can explain what micro-moments are because your day-to-day is divided as follows.

At any time of the day, thousands of thoughts flood our minds, and if we have a mobile at hand, it is very easy to think of searching the Internet. The most common is the search for locations. For example, if I go down the street and I see that someone passing by is wearing those sneakers that I have wanted to buy for a long time, that moment has reminded us that we are looking to buy a product. Well, we take advantage of that “micro-moment” to go online, search for sneakers, and decide on the brand for which we will pay. More or less, this is the process that our small daily moments of interaction with the mobile follow:

  • I want to buy it. So I research online
  • I want to do it. I research on the Internet which brand offers me the best and at the most affordable price according to my needs
  • I want to know.
  • I want to go. I can search in applications where the store that most convinces me is located, or I can go to the store directly.

What Else Can Mobile Marketing Actions Cause Conversions?

  1. Set goals are always the foundation of every marketing action.
  2. Mobile advertising campaigns and thus generate new followers. An example is the Starbucks campaign, which offers the user to be aware of their closest stores, their hobbies, customize the flavors of their drink, see the menu, calculate the price of your drink and make orders and payments online.
  3.  Email marketing, for this, you need to mold the content and adapt it to this format. An email alert to the mobile will be enough for the user to open the inbox and be able to view your product or service.
  4. Messaging, using WhatsApp, Viber, or telegram. The real-time chat form of our era
  5. Digital analytics, you have to measure the results and obtain useful information about the behavior of your client through conversion rates or a funnel or funnel channel.
  6. Promotion and sale through mobile apps to reinforce the brand by creating a marketing channel, 24/7 availability, and generating customer participation.

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