SEO Positioning In Voice Searches

SEO Positioning In Voice Searches

In voice searches applications, the SEO strategies no longer are based on some keywords position specifically but in resolving the issues and concerns of users.

These voice devices make life easier for people than ever and allow you to manage applications and search for information with ease and accessibility. Only with our voice can we activate the music, set the alarm next Wednesday, disconnect the WiFi, find the way to the nearest restaurant or ask what time is it in Tokyo.

1. Optimize SEO In Voice Searches

In 1990 began the era of search engines and searched engineering by companies to ensure that their content was first in the results. Both companies (what terms to position, what words or content to influence the most) and users (who needed to learn how to search the Internet) have been advancing and progressing in the use of keywords, but with the search for voice, positioning changes completely.

Now, any company that wants to succeed in voice search must prioritize the most natural words, how people talk, and ask questions. Companies must be aware of these requirements when positioning their content and users seek that they can get what they want intuitively as if they were asking a friend.

Keep in mind that voice searches will, therefore, be longer, nobody asks another person “sushi restaurant Barcelona” but says: What is the best sushi restaurant in Barcelona?

What changes At The SEO Level When Doing A Voice Search Strategy?

Long-tail keywords should be given prominence, that is, terms with a low traffic potential but having little competition, they are more accessible to position, and the natural oral constructions of the sentences prevail, that is, think about how People speak naturally and what they usually say when they search for a concept.

 1.1 The Concept Of Conversational Keywords

A company that wants to position for voice searches can perform a simple trick with which to save a lot of time when thinking about the keywords to be used. What do customers ask me by phone? What do customers ask me by phone or when they enter the store?

Once you have written those «frequently asked questions» at the conversational level, you can even create a sub-page of the FAQ with the answers to those most common questions, and you can go to the next step: Make content that answers those questions, that is related or link your products with those conversational keywords.

 1.2 The Importance Of Structured Data

Search engines, when connecting expressions and voice searches with results and content, need to pull structured data to position pages or companies sooner or later. Robots use the annotations and labels of the structured data on each page to sort the list of results with some sense. Structured data enables semantic search and the ability to interconnect different results, places, pages, and things to deliver the best possible outcome.

 2. Siri vs. Cortana vs. Google Now

It is no longer strange to hear about a certain Siri or Cortana, and they are not names of people but names of the most famous voice search assistants (and other services and tools) in the digital market.

Siri is the iOS personal assistant, and Cortana, the Microsoft assistant, are the two technologies that have revolutionized voice search. They have recently been joined by the Google Now service, which to date has not received a “proper name.” Among these three services, they carry out 20% of the searches that are carried out today through mobile phones.

Calls And Emails

Both Siri and Cortana accept voice commands to make calls and even accept more complex dictations. Siri also allows “send email” or “compose mail” commands to create an email. Cortana instead does not create them using these terms but does have a command that reads your emails daily. In contrast, Google Voice does not allow emails or calls.

Another aspect to improve from Microsoft is the use of punctuation marks and the identification of them when speaking, Cortana literally writes the signs and does not add the symbols. Siri, if you can say the punctuation mark command to add it.

Alarms, Calendar, And Appointments

In this case, all three voice assistants work effectively. The most common commands are usually “6:00 am alarm” or “Wake me in 30 minutes” style time slot alarms. Cortana and Siri also allow you to cancel the alarm with a voice command.

Add an appointment to the calendar, and all three allow them to be included with voice command; however, if you need to delete that task or registration, you will have to do it manually except in Siri, if you can perform commands to cancel it individually.

All three also allow you to add reminders with specific issues. Siri does not need you to specify an hour, and it can remind you throughout the day or first thing, instead Cortana and Google Now require a specific date.

Manage Applications

All three allow you to express commands to open and use applications. Still, only Cortana and Siri will enable you to manipulate the configuration of the system settings “Activate WiFi” “Turn off the data.”

Figures, Facts Or Relevant Information

By being connected to the search engines, you can ask any question that will be answered with the exact data or will show you the most appropriate link for you to search for the information.

Other Functions

Google Now and Cortana allow within music playback to use a command to identify and find out what melody is playing using other applications, for example, “Shazam.”

The three assistants work perfectly to answer questions about the map, possible directions to a destination, or the exact route.

Figures, Facts Or Relevant Information

By being connected to the search engines, you can ask any question that will be answered with the exact data or will show you the most appropriate link for you to search for the information.

In recent days, the union between two large companies, Amazon and Microsoft, in terms of their search systems, has surprised. Cortana and Alexa team-up. From the end of the year, Alexa will be accessible through Cortana on computers that have Windows 10 installed, and later the same will happen on Android and iOS.

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