Easy Fax: Send Fax From Android Phone Fax App

Easy Fax: Send Fax From Android Phone Fax App

Are you looking for a useful faxing utility? Google fax Free is endorsing the use of a free fax app for Android phone offered by CocoFax. There must be some technical aspects that a worldwide platform, enlisting top-notch fax service providers, has chosen CocoFax over many others.


Nothing could be as convenient as transferring faxes directly from your mobile phone. A few years back, the fax was limited to heavy machines, distorted phone lines, pages, and those vague ink droplets. Nowadays, fax apps like CocoFax have made this process simpler and easier.

With the press of a button from your smartphone, you can transfer multiple fax documents to more than one user at a time. Without investing time and money in buying fax machines or the latest printers, you can limit your hassle to just a tap on your mobile phone screen by using CocoFax.

CocoFax, Smart Fax Assistant

Choosing a reliable app is not an issue as Google Fax Free has already suggested CocoFax, head to Google Fax Free if you are uncertain. Browsing over the internet about the most efficient application is not a trouble at all when you find all the relevant information at Google Fax Free.


CocoFax is serving people from all over the world for their fax-related concerns. It is not less than a fax assistant which would always be a few clicks away. Rather than sitting on your computer table round the clock, you can keep this portable fax solution in your pocket.

As we want to get our hands on an all-in-one utility whether we are a professional working in a corporate or a student. CocoFax has anticipated this need and developed an application that is not limited to an area or device.

Sending Fax from Android Devices

Turning your Android smartphone into a high-end fax machine is not limited to fantasy at all. CocoFax is an outstanding app that can transform your mobile phone into a fax machine. It provides you’re the ease of sending and receiving faxes from any Android mobile phone.

CocoFax tries to assist you in the best possible way thus it has introduced a 30 days free trial period. During this time, you can access its services and get an idea of the frequency of faxes you transfer every month. Later on, you can purchase any of the subscription packages at affordable rates.


There are multiple ways of sending a fax from an Android phone. Below mentioned are three of them so that you can choose the one which best meets your needs. Go through the different ways of fax transfer with CocoFax and their stepwise procedures; you will be able to use this app like a pro.

CocoFax Web-Based Dashboard

The web-based application provides users the relief of checking the compatibility details of their devices and much more. CocoFax is one of those applications which could be accessed from any Android device with an active internet connection. Its error-free working mechanism adds ease to the fax transfer procedure

Browse for the official webpage of CocoFax from your Android phone and click on the signup button. Enter the required details and you will be rewarded with free fax numbers. You can use this dedicated fax number for sending and receiving faxes to local and international numbers.


Login to your CocoFax account; create a new fax by clicking the relevant button. Fill in the required details in the new fax wizard. You can attach multiple files at a time. CocoFax will modify them into one fax document to make them compatible with receiving analog machines.

Click on the Inbox label from your CocoFax dashboard and you will find all the received faxes listed there. Click on any of them to check sender details and the received files will appear as a PDF attachment. The conversion of the file type is done automatically by CocoFax to save your manual effort and time.


CocoFax Email to Fax Service

Who does not own an email account? From students to professionals, everyone deals with important documents through their email account. However, many of them are reluctant to shift to the latest technology. They still want to use fax as they think it is a more reliable medium of transferring confidential data.

Therefore, CocoFax has augmented its services to provide you the facility for sending and receiving fax as an email. Upload the documents you want to send as a fax, add ‘@cocofax.com’ with the receiver’s fax number, and send them. It is to convert the fax number into a valid email id.


CocoFax translates these digital files into an analog document so that the receiving fax machine can download them. All extra details attached to the files are amended as a single file. You check to send and receive faxes in the sent and inbox folder of your email account respectively.

CocoFax Android Application

Now you can also get benefitted from using the Android mobile application offered by CocoFax. All you have to do is navigate to the Google Play Store and search for CocoFax. Download and Install this application into your phone and get the ease of fax transfer with a couple of taps.

After installing this application to your smartphone, you can directly control faxes. You can send faxes and receive them from this mobile app. For sending one, add the relevant documents as an attachment and send them. You can download the receiving faxes as a digital document using CocoFax mobile app


It is one of the leading fax services providers for mobile phones. Businesses often utilize this web-based application for sending and receiving confidential information. Moreover, it is being used by one million users belonging from varied countries proving that CocoFax knows no boundaries.

Concluding Remarks

Finding a reliable, effective, and fully-functional application to make fax transfer possible with your Android mobile phone is not a hassle once you navigate to Google Fax Free. CocoFax is the right choice when you have to deal with multiple fax transfers in a day.

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