HOW To Use My Wifi To Check Who Is Surfing?

HOW To Use My Wifi To Check Who Is Surfing?

How To Check Which Devices Are Connected To Your WiFi Network?

The demining Solution Is Easy Because:

  1. You do not need to access the router/access point management panel. Just the secret password to connect to WiFi.
  2. You can use an unrooted phone to operate in the next 2 minutes.
  3. Anyone who knows how to operate an Android phone can do this.

Please Follow The Steps Below:

Open Google Play On Your Android Phone.

  1. Search for the fing application (Fing-network tool-Android application on Google Play) and install it.
  2. Connect to the wireless network and click the refresh button.
  3. It will display a list of all connected devices, as well as a list with the resolved network name (ie Nishant-PC).
  4. And, trust me, if someone does not use your WiFi specifically to do something illegal, they will not bother to change their device MAC or network name. Therefore, you can even know the name of the device (in most cases, the name of the owner).

There is another application dedicated to this task, which also maintains a list of approved (your) devices. Wifi Checker-Android application on Google Play. I have used this feature and recommended it for this purpose.

How Do These Applications Do It?

Basic ping scan, that is, sends the ping message to all IPs in the subnet and then waits for a reply. Those respondents apparently got up. Then, the address resolution protocol (arp) is executed to make the MAC address separate from the IP address.

Will It Always Work?

No. If the firewalls (IP tables) of other systems are configured to discard/reject ICMP packets, these applications will never receive echoes from these systems and will not be able to see them.

Then, are there other ways to check whether other devices are connected to the network layer (layer 3 or IP layer OSI)?

Download Nmap

PC: Download the free Nmap security scanner for Linux/MAC/UNIX or Windows

Android: Network Mapper-Android application on Google Play

Now use ” nmap -sP″.Execute Scannmap -sP″.

If no ping response is received, this will instruct Nmap to perform an SYN scan.

Is it possible to ensure the result of the shot? What else can we do?

No. Like ping rejection, this can also be avoided. Then, perform a port scan on all possible IPs. The speed will be slow, but even with one of the services, you can still detect the host.

Even if the device is not connected to the IP layer, can we take measures to detect the device?

Answer: Yes, the device may not have an IP address or respond to any type of scan (difficult but feasible). In this case, we need to check the second layer, the MAC layer. Please do the following

  1. Set the wireless card to promiscuous mode, and then start sniffing in Wireshark.
  2. Apply filters to data packets based on the MAC of your AP/WiFi router.
  3. Now you can see all the data packets going in and out of your AP. Check the MAC and you can figure out how many devices there are.

This will help you check that all devices are connected to WiFi, not what they are doing. For this, you must walk an extra mile.

Okay. I am going to redouble my efforts. What do I need to do to check that they are surfing?

There are many ways to do this:

  1. If your WiFi router supports OpenWRT (you can check it on the OpenWRT official website), please download the image and refresh the router. Now you can sniff the traffic of the router itself. In addition, you can use sslstrip to feed other users’ HTTPS pages as HTTP feeds, so you can even view their confidential information.
  2. Another easy way is to keep the WiFi network open for a period of time, and then you can use Wireshark to sniff every packet going to or from it (as described above). This will give you a lot of knowledge about his work.
  3. In addition, if your network uses WPA/WPA2-PSK (WPA Personal) security, then you can also use a wireless adapter to sniff all traffic (just like point 2) and decrypt it later. Since this is your network, you know the password. The only other thing you need to do is to sniff all the traffic through the AP, so as to carry out a four-way handshake with the AP for other devices.

There are other methods, but these methods are more complicated, so they have been omitted so far.

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