How Can Businesses Stop Employee Time Theft?

How Can Businesses Stop Employee Time Theft?

Employee time theft happens when an employee gets paid for the time they didn’t put in for the work. It’s hard to detect time theft, and using a time tracking service is the best way to identify and minimize this adverse condition. Employee time tracking can help you run the business more cost-effectively by ensuring your employees show responsibility concerning time spent on a job.

The software will also relieve you of the burden of keeping track of minor details like time spent by every employee on each job. Time tracking will give you the freedom to focus on more critical areas of your business.

What Is Employee Time Theft?

As mentioned above, time theft is when an employee receives compensation for hours they didn’t work. For instance, if an employee spends 2 hours of an 8-hour day browsing the internet, it is time theft. Other examples include employees being late for work, leaving way ahead of closing hours of office, taking long breaks, buddy punching, etc.

How Can You Stop Employee Time Theft?

Employee time theft could be hard to identify and manage. The following measures may make it easier for you to improve the time efficiency of your employees.

Set Clear Expectations And Communicate Your Rules Clearly

Holding regular meetings with your employees to communicate your expectations will help reduce time theft. Letting your employees know that wasting time could lead to consequences will help them feel more accountable. Setting clear deadlines and time limits for tasks and delegating them to the employees will reduce time theft.

You may also consider communicating your rules. If listening to music in the office or browsing social media is threatening your employees’ time efficiency, you may want to put restrictions on these things during office hours.

Set Realistic, Attainable Schedules

Set realistic expectations while scheduling the time required to complete a task. Tasks that are not allotted sufficient time can demotivate employees from working on them sincerely.

Ample time and concrete guidelines can boost the employees’ confidence to complete the task on time. Using employee time tracking software to schedule and track jobs can bring more accuracy to the planning process.

Providing Adequate Breaks And Sufficient Flexibility

Providing sufficient breaks will improve the employees’ efficiency. It will also motivate your employees to work dedicatedly during the working hours. When the employees are aware that they will get a ten-minute break after every two hours, they may not feel the necessity to waste work time on useless things.

Reviews And Appraisals

Reviews, appraisals, and rewards for efficient use of time will help your staff stay more focused on their job. You could even consider going with a goal-setting system. Goals could be specified in terms of time to be spent on a task.

Performance may be measured by reviewing if the employee meets the goal, exceeds expectations, or fails to meet the goal. Setting goals will give your employees an additional incentive to use their time more responsibly.

Set a Good Example

Case studies show that employees often emulate the behaviors of their employers. For example, if a manager regularly reaches the office late, employees may think it’s alright for them to do the same. If the management sets clear rules and strictly follows them, the employees will feel intimidated about breaking the rules.

Time Tracking Software’s Role in Reducing Employee Time Theft

The best way to reduce time theft is to employ a time tracking software that automatically books time for jobs and keeps track of deadlines. The software will also monitor things like attendance, arrival time, and the time of leaving the office.

Employee time theft is an unnecessary cost to the organization. Taking steps to minimize it will help improve the overall profitability of the organization.

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