How To Make Money Through Mobile Marketing And Apps

How To Make Money Through Mobile Marketing And Apps

Marketing mobile and apps, a significant milestone in the use of the Internet was in 2016 when mobile devices surpassed computers, and not only that, but sales through mobile phones broke patterns in profits of more than 8 digits. In Spain alone, smartphones represent almost 90% of all mobile phones, and it is estimated that we spend 181 minutes daily on our mobiles checking them 160 times, almost a fifth of our day. Find out how to make money by marketing mobile and apps.

We clearly see that there are many potential consumers to be able to connect with them. It is there where mobile marketing is being one of the main channels in the world, and one of its protagonists is mobile applications.

What is Mobile Marketing And Apps?

They are techniques to promote products or services that use mobile devices as a tool. In Christian, it is to make your target customer see what you offer on their mobile. It sounds easy, and if it is easy, using the right strategies, you are going to the main focus of the people who are their mobiles. On the other hand, applications are programs that are installed within mobiles or tablets where most can access native mobile functions such as camera, GPS, and are updated when there are better versions from the cloud.

How Do I Make Money From That?

You can earn money by setting up your own business to create and sell mobile applications, and you will surely ask yourself: What if I don’t have the slightest idea of ​​programming or anything like that? For that there is the pre-developed technology that is content management systems to create mobile applications (CMS for its acronym in English), it is like a WordPress, but instead of creating Websites, you can develop Apps. Within the Internet, there are many ways to get money easily; this is one of them if you have the necessary knowledge.

How Do I Start Making Money With Mobile And Apps Marketing?


First, define the objective, what, how, when, and to whom you are going to sell. Choose your providers (I will give you some options at the end of the post, so yes, read it all) then specialize in creating the applications and do not worry that you will be able to create them only at the click of a button, and in a few hours. Choose the sectors that you know best; for example, if you know bars and restaurants, start creating apps for the catering sector. If yours are real estate and farms, then you will create apps for real estate, then when you have a presence, you will cover more sectors. 

Create Your Landing Page

Your landing page will be the main way for customers to reach you, once they reach you they will want to know where to find you, how much your services cost, work is done, how long it takes you to create the applications, if it can be integrated with other functionalities, and most importantly, why you and not others?

A tip is: as you already know, how to create mobile applications since you have one of your mobile application sales businesses, this will be your showcase and the most effective way to sell.

Value Proposal

Why is my app sales service solving your problems? For example, if I start creating applications for the health sector, my clients would be dental, optical, aesthetic clinics, etc. I will offer you the possibility that through an App you can make reservations, pay through the App, see the available doctors, access special promotions with QR code or mobile stamp cards, see where the stores are and availability, contact, communicate through the App in a chat wall, access to social networks, among more features. What every App solves for companies is

  • Improve all processes,
  • retain their customers,
  • get new customers

If you get these three items, you can have the customers you want and collect what your work is truly worth.

What Can I Not Offer?

Remember that the technology you will use is pre-developed, so you cannot create an application like UBER, Facebook, or Twitter. What if you can embed any technology in all applications that are creating and reach more companies and, above all, meet its objectives.


An application made from scratch, that is, programming, costs between 15,000 and 45,000 euros, speaking of a moderately made one with complete functionalities, depending on the objectives that you want to achieve, prices increase. Applications made with pre-developed technology cost approximately between 1,000 and 3,000 euros, more accessible, right? Obviously, much of the design and functionalities vary.


In conclusion, the only thing you have to have to make money with mobile marketing and applications is the desire to start and learn. There is a large market, only 1% of companies in Spain have an App, accessing the technology to create these Apps is very easy and above all economically accessible, so what are you waiting for?

In my webinar, you will discover the tools that can help you create Apps, as well as the best techniques to use in  Mobile Marketing.  

If you want to become a great professional in the mobile marketing and apps sector, an innovative program that prepares you to get to know in-depth the management of digital or traditional companies in the process of transformation and know in detail the possibilities offered by mobile devices and technologies.

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