Shattering Stigmas: The Power Of Sex Education And Normalising Sextoys

Shattering Stigmas: The Power Of Sex Education And Normalising Sextoys

Sextoys have long been shrouded in stigma and secrecy, creating unnecessary barriers to open discussions about sexual pleasure and personal empowerment. However, the time has come to break free from these regressive constraints and embrace a more open and inclusive dialogue with young adults who are approaching the age of sexual actualisation and exploration.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the immense importance of sex education in young adults and how normalising the discussion of sextoys can empower individuals with a deeper sense of self-love and encourage body autonomy.

1 – The Importance of Sex Education

So, why is sex education so important and something to be wholeheartedly embraced?

  • Sex education plays a crucial role in empowering young adults with knowledge about their bodies, consent, and healthy relationships. As the saying goes: “Knowledge is power” and there has never been a more apt example of this than in educating young adults about sex.
  • Comprehensive sex education empowers individuals with informed decision-making, promotes better sexual health, and reduces the risk of life-altering unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • By providing people with accurate information about sexual pleasure and the use of sextoys as part of a healthy and consensual sexual experience, sex education can help individuals develop a positive and confident attitude towards their own bodies and desires – and indeed that of their future sexual partners.

2 – Normalising Masturbation and Self-Love

Why is there so much shame surrounding masturbation and self-love and why is it so important to normalise these perfectly natural and inherently human endeavours?

  • Masturbation is a natural and healthy aspect of human sexuality, yet it is often stigmatised and rarely discussed openly. There are several institutions that have contributed to this taboo over the years, but we won’t get into that. This article is all about moving forward!
  • By having open discussions about masturbation in sex education, we can promote a positive understanding of self-pleasure and emphasise its importance for sexual exploration, stress relief, overall health and well-being, and self-discovery.
  • Normalising masturbation helps individuals develop a more intimate relationship with their bodies, fostering self-love, body acceptance, and personal empowerment. It can also help people to better respect others.

3 – Breaking the Taboo: Talking About Sextoys

It’s time to break the taboo! There’s no shame in talking about or using sextoys:

  • Sextoys are valuable tools for self-exploration, pleasure, and sexual satisfaction, but their discussion is often met with embarrassment or shame.
  • Encouraging open conversations about sextoys within sex education programs can help debunk myths, reduce stigma, and normalise their use as a part of a healthy and consensual sexual experience.
  • By acknowledging sextoys as valid and positive additions to sexual exploration, we promote a culture of acceptance and empowerment, thus allowing individuals to make their own, informed choices about their own pleasure and sexual well-being.
  • Ultimately, the message we need to send young adults is that whatever they choose to do in the comfort of their own home, with or without a trusted sexual partner, is no business of anyone but their own.

4 – Embracing Body Autonomy

It’s time to embrace body autonomy and educate people on the fact that each individual is and should be in full control of their own bodies:

  • Discourse around sextoys and sex education empowers individuals with body autonomy, emphasising that everyone has the right to explore their own desires and preferences however they choose (provided it is in a safe, healthy, and consensual environment of course).
  • By providing detailed, science-backed, information and promoting open discussions, we encourage individuals to take ownership of their bodies and make informed decisions about their sexual experiences – now and in the future.
  • Embracing body autonomy through sex education and the normalisation of sextoys helps build a culture that respects personal boundaries, consent, and diversity in sexual expression.


Young adults need to understand that masturbation is as normal as going to the toilet and flushing the waste from your body – just as taking a shower and cleansing the day’s dirt is important for personal hygiene, health, and body confidence.

When there are so many incredible physical, emotional, and mental health benefits to self-pleasure and sexual gratification, it would be a crime to withhold this information from those who need it the most!

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