How To Make Money With A Blog And Not Die Trying

How To Make Money With A Blog And Not Die Trying

Make money with a blog, turning passion into a profession is the dream of many. To monetize a blog, it does not matter what you do since it can be done from many disciplines that seek to transmit knowledge, ideas, sell products or contribute what they do best and, today, discover how to make money with a blog if done right.  

Today, every type of organization has a blog built into its main website, not to mention individual blogs. Also, the entrepreneurial streak has made more and more people jump into the sea of ​​the Internet to be one more fish in this gigantic wave.

Although there is a problem: the short life expectancy of the webs, according to several studies, the expiration date of a website is around 100 days, 46 more than in the 90s. However, good news exceeded expectations in 2014: the Internet had already exceeded one billion websites.

The boom continues to grow, and the themes of the blogs that swarm the Internet are different. From makeup tricks to photography and travel, many try to earn money or monetize a blog, but the truth is that not all succeed. It takes a lot of time and dedication to get a blog going.

Some manage to earn more than one thousand and two thousand euros for their blog, and others have not managed to make it profitable, either because they have not dedicated enough time and have not known how to improve their strategies or, because their theme was not attractive. The reality is harsh and is that, if you want to make money online (not some money but a lot of money), the blog has to become a full-time job.

In this guide, we will give you the tips you should follow to know how to make money with a blog and take it to the end. We will also give you some keys depending on the topics in which you are interested in starting your blog. Here we go!

Keys To Monetize A Blog

The money you will earn and how quickly you will make a profit will depend on the quality of your content, your niche, how often you post, and most importantly, the effectiveness of your promotion and monetization of the website. Before telling you how to monetize your blog step by step, we leave you some tips to make money with your blog.

Make Your Blog On A Topic That You Are Passionate About. 

It is the first step; if you did not love the content, you would not think of making a blog. Otherwise, it would not last around. Today it is very important to choose the topic on which you are going to write each day.

Most bloggers publish several times a week, updating the blog with new content to improve every day and generate more traffic. How often you update will depend on your availability and passion. Ask yourself a question:  what is it that only you can tell?

What Is Your Niche Interested In?  

One of the best ways is by knowing what your niche is asking for. For example, the semantic social blog is dedicated to a niche interested in digital communication of entrepreneurial initiatives and solidarity causes.

For Mercedes, its author, “publishing quality content allows me to attract subscribers and build a database to which to direct mail marketing actions to sell products or services. In addition, a personal blog allows you to gain visibility, get to know yourself, work on your personal brand and in short, it allows you to increase the chances of being sought out”.

Take Care Of The Graphic Elements And Your Strategies In Social Networks.

Doing a bit of Community Manager is not bad at all. Nobody better than you will know how to respond and what to answer to the doubts of your readers. Moving the posts through your social networks will generate more virality. Don’t forget that feedback is important.

On the other hand, images are very important; in social networks, the content draws a lot of attention due to its visual form. You can have the best content but, if you don’t broadcast it in the right way, it will be covered by a thousand more content like yours.

Here we leave you several tips to generate more engagement through social networks.

  • The importance of your social networks in your online marketing strategy
  • Make yourself visible on the net
  • Social media monitoring tools

Connect With Other Bloggers.

Searching for virtual alliances is the best strategy to expand and gain more followers to share content and promote yourself

Train Yourself As A Blogger.

There are a large number of online courses and varied training that can help you have more knowledge about blogging and the benefits of many tools. Here are some that can be of help to you.

Now, How Do You Make Money With A Blog?

Create The Blog

The first thing you have to do is create a domain. Think about what name you want to give your blog based on what you offer, you can also be original but never choose weird names if you want to start on the right foot.

The domain has to:

  • Be readable
  • Be wanted
  • Be memorable
  • Have the correct TLD

What is The TLD?

The domain extension in which we want to locate our blog (.com, .org, .es, etc.) We leave you a list of some, and we explain why they are used

.com: It is the most recommended for an international blog, and it is the best known and most used of all domains. It is highly recommended, especially for commercial or information use.

.net: It can be said that it is the second option for domain names that already have the .com option. It is mostly used by companies that own a .com to avoid unexpected surprises with parallel competing domains.

.org: The most used by social and non-profit organizations and also to avoid, at low cost, parallel domains.

.biz:  Used by companies that already have a presence on the Internet and want to reinforce the corporate image. It comes from “business” in English, and they were created to be used as parallelism with .com

.info: Abbreviates the term information and is generally used on sites with an educational or informational basis

.es: The best domain to monetize your blog if you have it in Spain, just like esi is for Portugal .pt and so on. Give a touch of identity to companies of national origin.

.eu: A domain of the European Union (European Union) is reserved for companies and individuals who are active in the EU environment. It is more expensive than other territorial domains and a good option for companies that want to develop within the Union.

.cat: More recent than the rest, they are those focused on spreading Catalan culture and promotion.

Choose The Blog Topic.

The way to structure and dedicate the space of a blog depends on whether we want to specialize in a specific topic, which you have to think very well and be specialized in the subject. It is not worth writing about technology or travel if we are not up to date in the latest mobile phones or innovations in Artificial Intelligence or if we have not made many trips and we dedicate ourselves to writing about places in the world without living the experience.

Another way to be able to monetize the blog successfully can be focused on the demands of the audience. To do this, it is best to create a blog that mixes different themes and focuses more on answering questions from Internet users, talking about the latest trends, news and responding to user demands.

We look, for example, at the searches made on people who want to tour Europe and how. A good option would be to talk about a guide on how to organize an Interrail, for example, or the best times to get the cheapest flights.

Best Tool For Choosing Themes

There are several tools to find out what content is the most searched, where and why.

  • Adword Planner Keyword Tools
  • Market Samurai
  • Google Trends
  • Google Blog Search

Sale Of Products And Services

There is a very important consideration in profitability. Even if you do not earn anything from advertising or sponsorships, you can do it perfectly only thanks to your blog.

You can use it as a brand-building platform and in turn. The most successful bloggers often monetize their blogs through digital product sales, freelance work, book deals, and even job postings.


A good option is the sale of ebooks. It is a strategy that is working more and more and is being widely used by a large number of companies. If the reader trusts your content and, most importantly, it is of quality, your audience will want more from you.

Physical Products

90% of Internet users have made a purchase through the Internet in the last year according to data from the General Media Study (EGM). What sources do you consult to make your purchases? According to EGM, 56.7% to blogs and opinion forums, only 1% lower than the products published by a brand’s own website. You have to know how to take advantage of statistics, right?

Promoting your own products is a good option if you are good at it. Many bloggers sell everything from their own clothing designs to guides or wall calendars.

Online Training

It is a method that is increasingly used, especially as a result of the crisis, where more and more people choose training in desperate situations. Online courses and workshops are a good opportunity to demonstrate skills

Many readers choose this type of training because it is more comfortable or because they already have a job and want to continue training. That’s where the buyer persona game comes in, which will help you choose the type of training you can offer.

Fees For Access

A good way to generate income once your audience loyalty is to charge a monthly fee to be able to access Premium content such as quality articles, ebooks, tools, etc.


Invite your readers to subscribe to your blog. They may receive personalized services in a non-intrusive way and offering, for example:

  • Podcasts
  • Weekly content with a compilation of what has been published
  • Sending surprises
  • New tools and courses
  • Generating conversation and inviting the reader to ask the blogger for more things
  • Linking to your social networks

Promote other people’s products

You can take advantage of your connections with other bloggers, both parties win, and it is a perfect method to expand on the network. How?

Advertising Space

It is a method that you probably already know, and that is based on saving advertising space for brands that want to advertise. These brands pay a fee for the rental of that space without taking into account the clicks.

The theme of the advertiser should be related to the theme of the blog to redirect audiences and be more productive.


A tool that causes scepticism among many bloggers but that, if used well, works.

AdSense It consists of a form of advertising that is managed through this tool and that, unlike advertising spaces, generates income with the clicks received as long as the number of visits exceeds the estimated minimum.

Sponsoring Posts

Let’s say it is something like the influencer technique. In this case, it consists of contacting the brand to sponsor a post related to the product or service that the company sells. In this way, you get financial compensation for their sponsorship, or they can also send you their products.

Following this dynamic, it will be you who the brands contact.

Affiliate Programs

With these programs, you can obtain great economic benefits if you have a large number of affiliates and also if you promote their products and services with which you can generate passive income.

Do you want to learn about affiliate marketing on Amazon? In the webinar How to monetize with Amazon affiliate marketingCarlos Herrero shows us how to use this marketing technique in the famous marketplace.

Other Agreements With Brands

You can integrate links in the blog with content to other brands and businesses. For example, adding relevant content for your audience and following the same line as the blog. Create ordered lists to classify the content and reach a monthly financial agreement to add it to your blog.

And as we do not want these techniques to become obsolete and we are faithfully committed to a digitized world, we want to offer you good training so that you can learn tricks like these and many more. 

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