Japan Virtual Phone Numbers: Bring The Communication or Business to a New Level

Japan Virtual Phone Numbers: Bring The Communication or Business to a New Level

Virtual phone numbers are one of the most popular services presented by IP telephony providers. This type of communication is based on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. Since neither telephone cable nor mobile networks are used, 2 conditions must be met to communicate using a virtual number. The first is a stable Internet channel, preferably a wired one presence; the second is standard equipment or software for receiving and broadcasting voice messages over the Internet.

There are SIP phones that connect to the Internet channel and are outwardly similar to ordinary landline devices. They are often implemented by companies, which use IP telephony services for the office. It’s important to mention softphones, special programs that allow you to make outgoing calls and receive calls to a virtual phone number. You need to connect a headset to the computer, which combines a microphone and headphones to use a softphone. The second option is profitable to save the costs on office telephone penetration. This is a very convenient option for a call center, where managers make calls and answer incoming ones in a continuous mode.

Virtual Phone Numbers: Types

The first type is a city number, which contains the country code, area code, and the telephone number itself. It does not differ visually from the habitual ones. There is also a toll free 800 number. In addition to the subscription fee, the call rate for telephone numbers 800 implies payment for incoming calls. At the same time, the entry calls (which are made by potential clients of the company) are free. Numbers 800 are often used for hotlines, reference services, and customer support for federal companies and agencies. Banks and other large organizations decide to purchase a virtual phone number with the code 800 in order to underline their scale. Another reason for a phone number with free calls to clients buying is to emphasize the customer-oriented business processes.

Reasons For The Choice

When a virtual office is enough to serve regional customers Japan virtual phone numbers of different cities are necessary for business. Clients in the regions prefer to work with local suppliers and having a local virtual number is more credible. Such wide opportunities of virtual numbers in some situations can seriously reduce the costs of the company. Many large representatives of the network business pay attention to remote subdivisions in the regions.

You can choose such area codes as +81-3 (Tokyo), +81-6 (Osaka), +81-45 (Yokohama), etc. The whole list of locations is represented on the IP telephony provider website. Please note that the connection process in some cities may take up to 5 days. It’s truly gainful to buy a virtual number as this solution comes with lots of benefits.

  • The absence of a virtual number binding to an actual address can solve a wide range of business problems.
  • Virtual numbers have multi channel capabilities. It makes it possible to increase or decrease the quantity of telephony users in a company depending on the business objectives. In the case of fixed telephone numbers using, the amount of incoming and outgoing communication channels is always limited. Additional channels increase communication costs. These restrictions lead to missed calls and even to situations where an employee cannot always make an outgoing call since all the lines are busy. All these undesirable phenomena can be avoided by virtual number purchasing.
  • Call statistics, the ability to record and store conversations help resolve disputes within the company and more effectively manage external contacts with partners and clients.
  • Sometimes there’s a function of automatically dialing back missed calls when the required employee is released or there are free users to call in a group of extension numbers.

The proper management of this virtual advantage can take customer service to a new level and increase the loyalty of regular partners and counterparties to the company.

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