Left-Handed Is Okay! How To Set Up When You Wear Your Apple Watch On Your Right Arm

Left-Handed Is Okay! How To Set Up When You Wear Your Apple Watch On Your Right Arm

Usually, wearing a wristwatch on your right arm makes it difficult to use the crown. Apple Watch has settings that are convenient to wear on your right arm.

I think that left-handed people often wear a wristwatch on their right arm, but with a normal (right-handed) wristwatch, the dial is hidden when the crown is operated with the left hand, making it difficult to use.

By changing the setting for left-handed people on Apple Watch and changing the top and bottom of the band, you can conveniently use the digital crown even if you wear it on your right arm. When pairing with an iPhone, or after pairing, start the [Settings] app and make the following settings.

Set When Pairing With iPhone

1. Select The Arm To Wear

As you pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone, you’ll see a screen called “Arm to Wear.” Now tap [Right].

2.  Select The Position Of The Digital Crown

In [Digital Crown Position], select whether to place the digital crown on the left or right side. It is convenient to be in a position that is easy to operate with your left hand, so select [Left]. This setting flips the screen upside down when you wear your Apple Watch on your left arm (the digital crown is on the right).

3. Change The Band

The orientation of the screen is flipped upside down, so you need to match the band and orientation accordingly. Press the band release button on the back of your Apple Watch to flip the band upside down.

4. I Was Able To Change The Setting So That I Could Wear It On My Right Arm

I’ve just paired it to the end and put my Apple Watch on my right arm. The positions of the digital crown and side buttons are upside down, but the screen is not hidden when operating the digital crown.

Set On Apple Watch After Pairing

1. Start [Settings]

Press the digital crown to display the home screen and start [Settings].

2. Display [General] → [Orientation]

Tap [General].

Then tap Orientation.

3. Wrist And Crown Settings

Tap [Right] on your wrist and [Left] on your crown. When you tap [Left] on the crown, the screen will turn upside down, so change the band on your Apple Watch.


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