Forecasts And Trends For Entrepreneurs And Startups In 2020

Forecasts And Trends For Entrepreneurs And Startups In 2020

It has only taken a few years for entrepreneurs to become the living image of innovation and digital transformation, thanks to their Startups. Entrepreneurship continues to grow, and the most disruptive innovation and trends come from digital startups.

The DNA of the Entrepreneur study revealed that Hispanic entrepreneurs lead the innovation ranking

Here are some of the trends for entrepreneurs and Startups in 2020 that will boost the growth of the sector.

Trends For Entrepreneurs And Startups In 2020

Deed Tech Projects Arrive

Technology and digital companies with the purpose of mass transformation are using these innovations to change the world.

Radical solutions to solve the significant problems of humanity as Tesla, Ecoalf, or Quantum School do.

These companies are researching to offer us unlimited energy, improvements to our “human goal” body, or unlimited free training in the future.

More Robust And Global Vision Entrepreneurial Projects

Jesús Monleón, the founder of Seedrocket, explains that more and more extensive projects are being put together, with more well-rounded teams and quality training such as those he teaches at IEBS. This increases its attractiveness and the ability to be invertible due to its global nature.

Pascual Parada explains that in recent years “the entrepreneurial ecosystem has evolved towards a higher level of maturity, this can be seen in the fact that entrepreneurial projects are more polished in terms of the value proposition and are getting used to presenting themselves in partnership with homework done and some traction metrics.

The Digital Transformation In All Sectors: Proptech, Legaltech, Insurtech, Edtech, etc.

Vicente Arias, CEO of Coverfy, tells us that there are already companies that are taking advantage of formal and also non-formal data from social networks to personalize and predict the future. They are automating processes in insurers. Using chatbots, for example, has been one of their best investments. The real estate sector, one of the sectors that until now remained oblivious to digital innovation, will also take off and be renewed. What will be next? Everything seems to indicate that the pharmaceutical sector is the first in line, and driving schools are behind.

Fintech In Iberoamerica

Markets with a low banking rate, such as Mexico or Colombia, are skipping the process by offering financing solutions to the market from fintech platforms. For example, Nubank is one of the few Latin Unicorns and is a fintech created in Colombia.

The Cloud Will Grow In 2020

Accessibility and integration are gaining importance in the business world. The cloud enables many processes to be streamlined as it stores all the data in one place that can be accessed by any qualified employee. Therefore, it is a trend that you cannot miss if you want to start on the right foot.

Companies Need Soft Skills

Soft skills are imposed on hard skills. In the future, where automation prevails, what matters are skills. The professional profiles that are most demanded now are those who have some skills or what is known as Soft Skills, increasingly crucial for companies, who need agile, flexible, adaptable, creative people, able to work in groups and collaborate in network in a delocalized environment capable of solving problems and making decisions, having critical thinking and offering solutions.

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Critical thinking
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Resilience
  • Humanism
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability and connector of ideas
  • Curiosa and Catalyst

The New Currency Of The Future: Knowledge

  • Knowledge is the most valuable asset of 21st-century organizations; We met with:
  • Decentralization of work
  • Decentralization of business power
  • The rise to power of Talent
  • Knowledge is the new value of the Future
  • The assets of the companies are their knowledge, and therefore their greatest asset will be their employees

In organizations, individuals have more and more power. Their talent will be the most important asset of the companies and their knowledge of the gold that they should not lose.


Each time we will see more Deeptech projects raising great rounds since they have a differential factor and entry barrier versus other technological projects that their great barrier is capital. From the entrepreneurial initiative that is changing the world,

we will see that the speed at which things are happening will make us go to live a few years where we will see changes that can be really shocking

Companies That Develop SaaS or XaaS In B2B

Saas projects have the best ratings. No wonder the recurrence of the business of a SaaS is very high, so if you are thinking of undertaking this would be if you doubt a great option.

Right now, the ” Deal flow ” investor is becoming SaaS (also called Xaas), that is, putting use over the property. This is a system that covers everything from software to storage to management and marketing. With the acceleration of the work rate in most companies and the automation of more and more tasks, it is not surprising that Saas or XaaS is one of the most critical trends for entrepreneurs next year. Jesús Monleón Castello points out that “many business processes need to be digitized, and they are more niche processes.”

Growth Hacking Has Died Alive Marketing Growth

Marcos Herrera, eBay growth manager, believes that there will be a change in the way of using Growth Hacking for scalability, he explains that until now it has been about looking for hacks individually that produced growth. The change comes because now all the teams will work in tune in an integrated way creating viral growth Loops.

Other Startup Trends That Are Still Valid From Other Years

B2C With Differentiation

It is no longer useful to launch a generalist B2C project that does not have a clear differentiation from the big competitors because, in the market, the investors do not want to compete with the “Category Killers” of equal to equal. In addition, there is a lot of media equity, which burns a lot of money on projects. The tendency will be to bet on leaders by categories with real competitive value.

Blockchain Through Tokenize Assets

I think the future is about giving liquidity to fixed assets. And for this tenure to be active, it is vital that the regulatory bodies legislate it correctly, Jesus also explains. Today we can give the example of the bitcoin bank which can be trusted.

Intermediate The Classifieds

There will be more and more verticals, such as Wallapop or Proptech, where there is an attempt to mediate in the purchase and sale and rentals. In short, there is a clear trend that all classifieds are becoming transactional, creating marketplaces, and especially taking the user experience to mobile devices, Jesús Monleón tells us.

Automation Will Be Everywhere

Pascual Parada spoke about the most important technological trends experienced in 2017 but that in 2018 they continued, and in 2019 they will continue to develop to leave behind the initial phase in which they were and continue to advance in innovations that will surely surprise us. Among the most prominent are Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning, Big Data, and Disruptive Innovation. Without a doubt, an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch their research into these areas.

Artifical Intelligence A Trend With Momentum

Pablo Szefner, Director General of JustFab, tells us that more and more serious AI projects are being seen, getting rid of the first projects that promised a lot, but then everything was a bluff. Technology is exploding, and there are more and more applications and sectors where it is being exploited.

Machine Learning

Pascual Parada considers that the last years have served for the “consolidation of Machine Learning and Big Data technologies in startups. This type of technology that until recently was only in the hands of large companies, we will see many young companies that will appear with great technological solutions. ”

At the same time, Google’s priority is to develop the use of Machine Learning, but Oscar Source from IEBS also tells us in this article, where he explains that we have moved to Machine Learning First from Mobile First.

Big Data

Data Science profiles in digital marketing and advertising companies come into play in this ecosystem, as Cyberclick CEO and co-founder, David Tomás tells us: We live in the era of Big Data, and we need to put all this information in order. Data analysts are just new profiles that are emerging and help us to tidy up and extract knowledge from information.

Low-Code Platforms

Don’t you know how to program? Now that is no longer a reason for not being able to innovate and undertake. Low-Code platforms allow you to create apps without extensive programming knowledge. As they make things so easy for you, it’s not surprising that they are expected to have a significant impact in 2020. If you want to create an app for your business, now is the time.

The Future Is Tech

According to Jesús Monleón, “the trend towards fintech will continue, especially in other markets outside Europe, where offering technological solutions through Startups will be more common.” It also adds the importance of Deep Tech projects. “Every time we will see more Deep Tech projects raising big rounds since they have a differential factor and barrier to entry versus other technological projects, that their great barrier is capital.” And it is that in the decade of 2020, the technology will increasingly integrate more in the day today.

Omnicana Strategies 

Also within the Big Data area, David Tomás, CEO of Cyberclick, points to the Customer Data Platform, “a system designed to label and centralize omnichannel customer data from heterogeneous sources, unifies them in its repository, and then enriches them with attributes to generate audiences and profiles.”

Omnichannel strategies will be essential for companies when it comes to ensuring their visibility and positioning. Roger Bretau comments that “the current consumer has different ‘touchpoints’ or points of contact with a brand and its contents, so that brand must focus its strategy towards omnichannel. In this sense, current entrepreneurs must be bright that the consumer expects their experience to be satisfied not only in aspects such as service but also in their interactions with the brand ”.

Increase Voice Power

Monleón highlights how the future of voice applications makes much more sense since we see the data of the Alexas sold.

 David Tomás comments that “Users want to book a restaurant with their own voice, find the nearest store to solve a need, buy a product or make simple inquiries, type the time it will take. The impact of voice searches on SEO searches will be significant in 2020 and will further humanize the way we understand search engine optimization. ” 

The audiovisual format is imposed as the new successful method to develop all kinds of business strategies. To succeed in any company or Startup, you will need the right audiovisual strategy with which to spread your activity.

Micro-Influencers Marketing

The marketing of micro-influencers will also be one of the most relevant trends for entrepreneurs in 2020. Pedro Rojas explains that “micro-influencers win in the presence of celebrities. SMEs have realized that celebrities and super-YouTubers do not compensate them in terms of ROI, with which more and more companies are more willing to invest in these campaigns of various influencers, knowing that they generate excellent results and that they have better quality followers because they are more specific sectors and areas ”.

Enhance The Human Factor

The use of technology is on the rise, yes, and many digital tools have become essential in business. Simultaneously, user demand for personal treatment grows. That is why, in 2020, the humanization of brand-user interactions will become one of the most advantageous trends for entrepreneurs.

If there is something you can achieve regardless of your budget, it is promoting close and personal contact with users. For that, it only takes a good dose of empathy, and some chatbot to automate and streamline the process. But of course, you cannot afford to mislead yourself in this area: if there is something that can give you an advantage over well-established companies, this is it.


Meeting the needs of users is no longer simply reduced to delivering a satisfactory product quickly and easily. Now consumers are looking for the whole shopping experience to give them more value than merely obtaining a product or service. If you want to stand out in 2020, you will have to go further to surprise your customers at every step of the process. Small details are more valuable than ever and will give you one more opportunity to exercise creativity.

Transparency And Traceability

We are about to end a decade filled with scandals and increasing awareness of social and environmental issues. If you want to stay on the right side of popular opinion, transparency is one of the trends for entrepreneurs of 2020 that you cannot afford to ignore.

People are more interested than ever in business ethics, so it is essential to implement sustainable business models, and also inform your audience of the operation of your business. This will also allow you to establish a dialogue with consumers that can not only serve you to satisfy their needs more efficiently but to increase that feeling of listening and closeness that we have already seen is so important.

More Financing And Procurement Options

The search for financing is probably one of the most complicated and uncertain aspects when undertaking. It is not always easy to find investors who bet on a Startup and who want to contribute their capital so that the project becomes consolidated as a new business model.

The DNA of the Entrepreneur study reveals that more and more entrepreneurs and SMEs avoid financing through financial entities because there are still difficulties in obtaining bank loans. Spanish and American entrepreneurs (23%) are the ones who use the credit card as a form of financing.

If you are also part of the sector or have you thought about undertaking your own business, we recommend the MBA in Entrepreneurship Digital with which you will learn to harness the technology and the innovation in the strategy of your company from experts active in the sector.


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