These Are The 5 Technological Trends That Will Impact Your 2020

These Are The 5 Technological Trends That Will Impact Your 2020

2019 had a wave of products with technologies innovations that were somewhat controversial, however, this marked the beginning of what 2020 could represent, 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and the Internet of things, are part of the trends in 2019 that will undoubtedly continue next year.

Artificial Intelligence, The Genesis Of New Technologies

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly one of the new technologies that has had the greatest growth and implementation in 2019, not only with the development of intelligent software in medicine and robotics , but also implemented in mobile technology.

Smart tools and the connection with smart assistants such as Alexa, facial recognition systems that have been implemented by various security agencies, are part of its application in the current year. However, AI goes much further, so much that some companies are betting to use it in manufacturing.

US startups Vicarious , Kindred and Osaro use AI for manufacturing, such as automating part of the distribution of clothing brands such as GAP, while Vicarious tries to get the attention of giant entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

Internet Of Things (IoT) Connection With Smart Homes

Thanks to AI and the Internet we can be much more connected, technologies with smart assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri allow other smart devices such as speakers, SmartHome and even security cameras to connect to our mobile device to be much more secure and informed About what happens at home.

They also allow better interaction with smart home appliances. Amazon recently announced that Alexa would be on all IoT devices thanks to its integration of Alexa Voice Service (AVS), the service that will allow the virtual assistant to interface with AWS IoT Core devices.

5G Networks Plus IoT, An Unprecedented Combination

With the rise of the 5G network, there is the possibility that many devices remain connected, the connection with WiFi 5G at light speed, new technologies take advantage of developing tools to get the most out of it.

Calendar AI, a smart calendar that will save you a lot of time

Amazon Go, is a system that uses IoT and artificial vision technologies to allow consumers to buy without making a manual payment. These 5G networks will allow the use of drones , autonomous cars.

According to an  Ericsson report, by 2025 the average data consumption by each user of 5G networks could be positioned at about 45GB for each device used, in North America. Currently mobile manufacturers are developing devices with support for 5G networks without decreasing their processing speed.

Quantum Computing And Computer Processing Hardware

With the growth of new technologies, both for mobile equipment, vehicles and computers, the hardware components must respond to their requirements, capable of processing large volumes of data.

The new chip companies SambaNovam, Graphcore or Wave Computing are developing appropriate architectures, high-performance AI processors, known as neuromorphic or brain chips, mimic the structure of the brain and process the best AI algorithms.

For their part, Google and IBM are doing the same to develop a computer capable of processing complex computations in milliseconds, the quantum computers of both companies are being developed to achieve quantum supremacy, although one of them already claims to have achieved it.

Aerospace Technology

In 2020 a new trip to space is expected, mainly companies dedicated to the aerospace industry such as SpaceX by Elon Musk and Blue Origin. SpaceX currently works at Starship, which will reuse the entire body of the vehicle and shorten intercontinental trips to 20-30 minutes per space.

While Blue Origin , under the tutelage of Jeff Bezos, seeks to take the first space vehicle to the moon. It is expected that this will discharge tons of payload on the lunar surface in future missions.

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