What Is Instagram, And How To Use It? A Beginner’s Guide.

What Is Instagram, And How To Use It? A Beginner’s Guide.

The Instagram platform has nearly a billion users from around the world, of which up to 500 million use the application every day – according to statistics, this number is constantly growing. Therefore, the platform’s marketing potential is not without significance, where companies from almost every industry have their accounts in the form of modern business cards. However, beginners must first understand the nature of Instagram’s functioning to be able to promote themselves among its users effectively.

Community-specific features

People who use Instagram have two ways to communicate with their followers – posting photos and videos on their board or sharing so-called “Instastory,” that is, the content available to followers for 24 hours. In the case of companies, the platform is primarily a business card, making it easier for potential buyers to find contact details for the organization, publish attractive information about their activities, or interact with users. Instagram is so deeply rooted in the basic promotional activities of companies that it is possible to hire a person responsible for running the profile on the platform. What are her duties?

Being on Instagram means adhering to community rules that will guarantee a regular increase in the number of followers. The published photos should be attractive and eye-catching – it is about the elements placed in the photo and the time of their publication, the daily number of shared posts, or the photo caption. Hashtags play an important role on Instagram. Creating unique content for the company is very important as it influences its recognition among recipients. Moreover, there are special business functions on the platform. Thanks to them, the person running the profile can control the reach of published posts, compare the number of followers with interactions in the form of likes and comments, and check the growth of followers.

How to use Instagram for marketing?

Beginning Instagram users should not have prejudices against it because using it to promote your business is easy and, above all, valuable. Regularly publishing posts and creating unique hashtags can increase the profile’s reach and reach many potential customers. However, the platform offers many more marketing opportunities.

On Instagram, organizing advertising campaigns by creating contests is very popular. Most often, these actions are to increase the number of recipients of the post and generate an increase in the number of followers. Contests encourage the sharing of brand-published content in exchange for a gift in the form of a company’s product. Another way to promote on Instagram is through the so-called influencer marketing. The action consists in establishing cooperation between the company and a user with a large group of recipients. Depending on the agreed conditions, the influencer publishes posts referring to the brand on his profile, in return for which he receives remuneration.

Having a business profile on Instagram is gaining in importance. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram allows entrepreneurs to interact with users uniquely and attract new customers. The rules of the website’s functioning are very easy, and their use for promotion gives tangible benefits to the company, which is confirmed by the growing number of users.

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