Messenger Without a Facebook Account – Can It Be Set Up? Changing The Rules

Messenger Without a Facebook Account – Can It Be Set Up? Changing The Rules

Messenger is a messaging application that is associated with Facebook. Some time ago, a social networking site made it possible to chat via Messenger without the need to create an account. However, it turns out that the regulations have changed again, to the disadvantage of users. So we answer the question – is it currently possible to set up Messenger without a social media profile?

Change of regulations in 2015

From the very beginning of its operation, the communicator was connected with a Facebook account. When the portal began to lose popularity, and many people deleted their profiles, in July 2015, the regulations were changed, making it possible to have only Messenger. All you had to do was enter your phone number. This was to encourage the use of Messenger and improve the company’s image, and in fact, thousands of people around the world took advantage of this opportunity. However, already in January 2019, Mark Zuckerberg announced changes related to the merger of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Supposedly, the reason for this was the lack of control over products that began to develop independently.

Latest changes

The new regulations entered into force in December 2019. It turns out that this is the end of having a messenger without Facebook. Anyone who has not had a profile on the site so far and would like to use Messenger must create an account. However, the portal ensures that people who have used Messenger so far will be able to do so without restrictions. It seems that this is only a theory – many people have problems logging in. As you type your password, you will notice an error message that is causing functional limitations. In the updated Facebook regulations, we can find a provision saying that it is impossible to use Messenger without having an account on the portal.

What do the new regulations mean for social media?

The regulations will certainly not be to the liking of people who appreciate the ease of communication without the need to create a profile on social media. This will probably cause many users to leave the internet giant, thus dropping its ratings. The website authorities ensure that the new regulations make it easier for people who mostly log into Messenger via Facebook anyway. For many users, such a change completely prevents communication with others and causes a loss of trust.

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