SSL Certificate- why Is It Important Implemented On Your Website

SSL Certificate- why Is It Important Implemented On Your Website

Online security is an extremely important topic. Every website owner should invest in an SSL certificate, which guarantees security while browsing, entering data in forms and performing transactions. In addition to the data security function, an SSL certificate also has many other advantages, such as increasing credibility in the eyes of visitors and improving your position in search results. Let’s take a closer look at why you should introduce it to your website. 

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL is a special internet protocol whose purpose is to secure data on the website by encrypting the connection. All packets that pass between the visitor and the server are encrypted before reaching their destination.

We can get to know pages with an SSL certificate in several ways. One of them is the https: // protocol in front of the website address. If the page does not have one, it will be prefixed with http: //.

Most web browsers also find special padlock-shaped markings in the address bar. If the padlock is closed or glows green, the page is secured. Otherwise, we are dealing with a site that is not certified.

Why is it worth implementing SSL?

There are several important reasons why a certificate should be implemented on every website.

1. Credibility and security.

The most important reason why you should purchase an SSL certificate. Thanks to it, all entered data is encrypted and properly secured. This is of great importance, particularly in online stores and websites where we provide our personal data. Customers who know that the website is properly secured are much more likely to shop there.

2. Data leakage protection.

It is dangerous to transmit confidential data between you and the server in an unencrypted form. With the right attack, they can be intercepted quite easily.

3. Improving site trust.

After entering a website that does not have an SSL certificate, we may get a warning that it is dangerous to continue. Few in such a situation will decide to visit such a site. A green padlock and a message that the website is secure significantly increase credibility.

4. Improving your position in search engines.

Google has officially announced that websites with SSL protection will be displayed higher in search results.

5. Meeting the requirements of the GDPR.

The new regulations require the application of safeguards to protect the information entered by the user on each page that processes personal data. Websites without an SSL certificate are at risk of dangerous leakage of user data.

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