How Was The Safety Of Banks Managed In The Time Of Covid?

How Was The Safety Of Banks Managed In The Time Of Covid?

The security design in the banking sector aims to protect assets of great value and the invaluable ones of the people inside the premises. For a clearer vision, it is as if we had to make an anatomical section, discovering a series of concentric levels to make the central nucleus inviolable. This finds expression in the CEI 79-3 and EN 50131 standards, which explain the performance these levels must guarantee against intruders.

We, therefore, start from external protections, called such as they must be more sophisticated to distinguish a potential attack from a false alarm and much more solid because they are exposed to climatic agents. It follows that external protections are essential for video surveillance to contextualize the cause of the alarm. In any dangerous situation, the speed with which the threat is detected is a determining factor; identifying the presence of a criminal in the most external levels of the site is salvific as it is possible to implement countermeasures and block the actions suddenly. The solutions adopted must have a high rejection of environmental alarms (NAR), have minimal false alarm rates (FAR), and generate a high probability of detection (POD).  

Pressure sensors

When it comes to perimeter anti- intrusion systems in the banking case, in addition to the classic barriers, pressure sensors are used which, incorporated in the screed (under the floor), reveal the transit or permanence of one or more people in the sensitive area; they are generally installed in front of the entrances to the building (typically doors, windows, and windows) or in correspondence with paths, sidewalks, driveways. 

Protect the walls

Since the famous “hole band” is always in action, it is absolutely necessary to protect the masonry walls from breaking, breaking through, and drilling actions by equipping them with tamper-proof sensors for signaling attempts to remove, open and sabotage; both examples also a source of thermal excursion. What makes the difference between these solutions are the parameterizations that can be obtained with the programming of the detectors, which act on the adjustments related to the individual break-in modes (damage, knockdown, and break-in).

Watch out for the glasses

As for the walls, the windows also constitute an additional way of access, therefore not only must the standard UNI EN 12600 “Pendulum test – Impact test method and classification for flat glass” be met, but there are specific alarms that analyze the slightest vibration up to breaking, clearly aided by context cameras that can establish whether or not the event is accidental.

Compasses: beware of camouflage

The compasses themselves also contribute to the access control function. The best solutions on the market have control software that self-manages the interlocking system. They issue voice commands to guide the user in transit, also activate the metal detector upon passage, carry out the weighing to ensure that no values ​​are being stolen, and guarantee the uniqueness of passage as an anti-hostage function. At the moment, there is a critical issue with anti-camouflage systems, as inside the compass, the interested party is invited, with a message, to turn towards one or more cameras inserted in the structure (for example, to improve vision). The system can be integrated with a video screen that transmits the image taken to facilitate framing. In this way, the software is able to evaluate if, in the image framed by the camera,

Otherwise, the subject would be potentially disguised, and the system would not allow entry to the bank. 

Is the mask a camouflage?

At this moment, however, it is evident that the ” camouflage ” itself is a need for anti-covid-19 security, as if the subject removed the mask in favor of the shot, at each passage, he would be forced to total sanitation of the cabin, as it is a small space and with particular air recirculation, probably not feasible. A separate chapter, however, should be dedicated to security in terms of anti-Covid-19 measures, as the eastern nations have shown us, which from the totem that measures the temperature to the scanning of QR code, have found their anti-pandemic policies. And national security.

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