The Best Strategies To Sell Even Behind Closed Doors

The Best Strategies To Sell Even Behind Closed Doors

Let’s talk about techniques for increasing in-store sales. Arguments already heard one could object. Not really, because the focus is on optimizing the sale in non-ordinary conditions, i.e., when the shop is temporarily closed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led us to review many consolidated data models related to sales strategies. Suddenly forced to close their doors, several stores have had to rethink their business, taking advantage of new ways to entice people to buy and network with customers online.

What is the use of predicting variables in selling strategies?

The strategy for truly effective sales is that which can predict – based on the analysis of the past and the probable future – the best conditions for attracting customers and converting them to purchase.

With this premise, it is clear that the global emergency linked to the Coronavirus must serve as a teaching for all those who – owners of reception or commercial activity – have been forced to suspend their business.

In fact, foreseeing exceptional situations – such as those related to a force majeure event – is a winning way to be ready and continue to generate revenues even when a temporary closure is necessary.

We must not think exclusively of climatic catastrophes, pandemics, or disastrous events (all factors to be considered given their intensification): the interruption of the supply of a service, e.g., electricity/water, due to a breakdown, may be sufficient to find yourself suddenly forced to close for a few days.

This is why studying in advance the moves to be implemented by improving communication, and the offer can give you an advantage over the competition and, above all, can allow you to stay in touch with your audience by encouraging them to continue buying your products.

4 ideas to continue selling even with the business closed to the public

Below you will find some easy tips to practice to continue selling and ‘welcoming’ your audience, even when the doors of the shop are forcibly closed.

  • Increase your online presence: e-commerce to sell and platforms for services will allow you to increase, or in any case not to lose, revenues. We think of video conferences, live streaming, YouTube, and Vimeo channels where you can offer virtual promotional experiences useful for selling your product/service.
  • Invent digital products: an online course, a tutorial, and an ebook allow you to take advantage of the closing times to create new digital marketing ideas for future use. If you have a pizzeria, you can create a workshop to teach the secrets of pizza and homemade pasta and new post-lockdown social trends. If you are a yoga or fitness teacher, you can organize an online course to help your audience stay fit.
  • Equipped for home delivery: delivery is one of the most evident changes brought about by 2020, which has involved, above all, but not limited to, the food sector, where services such as Deliveroo and Glovo have supported premises without a home delivery service. Yet even a newsagent, a bookshop, or a haberdashery shop can, like a restaurant or a baker, accept orders by email or telephone and deliver the products to the customer.
  • Care and sensitize your audience: always remind your customers that you are there and that you think about them, even when the shop or business is physically closed. Use the company newsletter to communicate what you are planning for the reopening: launch promotions and new offers that keep attention on your business. Social media, on the other hand, can help you tickle a more emotional aspect, involving your community in the current situation – whatever it is – and how you are dealing with it. A company hashtag to share on social networks, together with a charitable initiative, can be a way to invite customers and fans to team up with your business and with the concept of a society more attentive to everyone’s needs. If you think about it, this is how the ideas of suspended books, apps against food waste, and the collection of games and school materials for children of families in difficulty are born.

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