Windows 11 is what Microsoft really wanted to do?

Windows 11 is what Microsoft really wanted to do?

How about the new Windows 11?

We want to share with you the impressions of Gizmodo reporter Sam Rutherford.

On June 24th, Microsoft announced Windows 11. There are some issues (especially the process of integrating Android applications), but I think Windows 11 is a major overhaul that has made Microsoft “really want to do this .”

Or corners are rounded off the application of the window, the taskbar is a central place to (You can also return to the conventionally left-justified) or has been, overall sophisticated minimalist UI or been revamped, Windows 11 is, of other I have the impression that you have come closer to the UI design of modern OS (that is, macOS and Android). Some people may find the direction of this Windows 11 visual renewal to be scary, but I would like to support this change. Because I think it‘s a sign of a restart of Windows.

Windows 10’s greatest strength and weakness is backward compatibility. Despite millions of hardware configurations and PC designs evolving day by day, Microsoft is still working as an example to ensure that applications developed for Windows 10 years ago worked perfectly. Give me. Even if it doesn’t work, it can be solved with a bit of adjustment in most cases.

However, since Windows has been upgraded from Windows 95 to Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and newer versions over the long history, the look and feel of Windows 10 is that of good old Windows. A glimpse of the remnants … In other words, I thought that the modern user interface wasn’t built in enough. For example, live tiles were initially introduced on Windows Mobile but were introduced after adopting Metro Design in Windows 8.

Especially when dark mode is enabled, the Windows 11 start menu feels smaller and slimmer.

Windows 10 has many set menus with similar features. Some have a clean, modern design that is typical of Windows 10, while others have been ported directly from Windows XP. (If you go into items like “Device Manager” or “Advanced Power Settings,” it’s pretty terrible.) Features inherited from Windows 8 (dating back to 2012 …!) Like Windows Tablet Mode, It feels outdated.

With Windows 11, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to address these challenges while at the same time achieving a consistent design across the operating system. This looks like a minor upgrade, but it has the potential to make a big difference.

Snap layout, one of the best features of Windows

People can be confident in a platform that implements a more consistent design and user experience. Even if you connect or disconnect to an external display, the window will remember where it should be.

In Windows 11, snap layouts have been added to make it easier for you to create your own desktop layout. Now you can create personalized desktops for work, private, gaming, etc., which may be a little bit, but you don’t have to reconfigure your desktop every time, and you can easily switch between them.

In addition, by eliminating the tablet mode of Windows 10 and using a simple, versatile layout (with additional space between icons), Microsoft has provided a more consistent user experience on all types of devices. Windows 11 supports the same set of gestures, whether you’re using a touchpad or a touchscreen. The new touch keyboard in Windows 11 is a big step forward.

Even if I always use the video chat app for work, I think it is unnecessary to make the cooperation with Teams so smooth.

The new Start menu in Windows 11 isn’t as messy as Windows 10, but it looks like an Android launcher, so I’d like to make a careful decision, but I’m basically optimistic.

Splitting the Start menu and search bar into separate icons on the taskbar gives you quick access to the 20-30 apps you use most often (even if you have a few seconds of extra typing). ) It’s easy to find apps that you don’t use often. Also, for those who have to reset their laptops to factory defaults on a regular basis, the disappearance of Cortana from the default settings on Windows machines feels like “God Apple.”

However, we are concerned about adding Android app support through integration with the Amazon Appstore, which is a new feature of Windows 11. I found the partnership with Amazon instead of Google to be a subtle workaround, especially when compared to the native integration of Chromebooks with the Google Play Store.

Enhanced game support makes it easy to buy and play your favourite titles on any Windows device.

The Windows Store (strictly Microsoft Store) has also been revamped, and although the UI is new and sophisticated, it does not address the issue of fewer apps available than the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is not … We’ve also added integration with Teams and OneDrive, but it’s not surprising as Apple’s iOS / macOS integration and Android do the same.

The enhanced integration with Xbox is a great update for gamers as it makes it easier than ever to play games and play with friends. I’m happy with the game’s auto HDR support, but I hope Microsoft will also handle high refresh rate monitor handling in Windows 11. I’ve often heard from people who bought an excellent, expensive monitor but had been running the display at 60Hz for months, or even years, after setting it up because it is.
I haven’t had a chance to use Windows 11 yet, but given the upcoming new categories of devices such as flexible displays and dual-screen laptops, Windows 11 is Microsoft’s Windows. It feels like what we’ve learned from 10X is laying the groundwork for old PCs, new PCs, and PCs that haven’t even been invented yet. Even though Windows 11 may look like just an improved version of Windows 10, it’s slightly different. That’s a good reason to announce a new version of the product that was supposed to be the last Windows in history.

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