How To Add Music To Instagram?

How To Add Music To Instagram?

Adding music to Instagram : Thanks to Instagram Story, users have the opportunity to report what they do regularly via videos or photos. On the other hand, their friends can follow these relationships, like them or add them to their channel. Further Instagram updates allow you to improve these stories and add more and more features to them, making them more interesting and gaining more popularity among other users. Adding music to Instagram is one of Instagram’s possibilities today. Below we present step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

How to contribute music to Instastory in available countries?

Adding music to the report is possible only on devices based on iOS. Unfortunately, not all countries have access to all application features yet. In countries beyond the list, adding music to Instagram is possible only with the support of additional applications.

Application version and countries with full access

Before adding music to our coverage, we should make sure that we are using the latest version of the application. The second condition is to be in a country with full access, which includes: Germany, France, Sweden, the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Track selection

If the above conditions are met, we run the application and record a video with the report. Then click on the emoticon in the upper right part of the screen and select the ‘music’ option. Now we are looking for a song that we want to add to Instastory. Instagram does not give us access to full-size songs. The list includes approx. 15-second fragments to be used. We can also search for a specific song by title.

Music adaptation and publication

Once we decide on one of the songs, it’s not the end of the possibilities that Instagram gives us. We can shorten the selected track as required. We also decide from which point the playback should take place. When our piece is ready, we publish it. Background coverage of the music is marked with a sticker that lists the artist and title of the song.

Adding music to Instastory in inaccessible countries

It is completely different from the countries available. Below are short instructions, taking into account the software we use.

Android i edytor Inshot

For those who use Android, the Inshot app will be useful. After starting it, click on ‘Video’, then select the movie and touch the ‘pipe’. The next step is to go to ‘music’ and choose a song that interests us in ‘my music’. After making your selection, touch the ‘pipe’ again and click ‘save’ at the top of the screen on the right. After that, our music video is ready, and we can publish it as part of iInstastory.

iPhone – movie + background music playback

Inserting Instagram story with background music for iPhone owners involves installing an additional application, such as Spotify. After starting it, select the song you want to add. Then, choose where the track should start in the time bar and when it should end. The next step is to run Instagram and select the camera icon. Later, with an agile movement, we should open the control centre on our phone, in which we click ‘play’ in the music preferences and start the previously paused song. Then we close the control centre with a firm move and start recording the movie. Once done, you just need to post your movie with music.

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