Google Podcasts Is Now Available For Ios: This Is All You Can Do

Google Podcasts Is Now Available For Ios: This Is All You Can Do

Google takes the opportunity to update the Android ‘app’.

Veterans will remember the time when podcasts platforms began to flourish throughout the network and how Apple took the opportunity to put its own section on iTunes when iPods of all sizes and shapes invaded the world.

So it is one of the contents that users like the most because it is like listening to the radio but delayed when it suits us.

So it is normal for new channels and ways of enjoying them to proliferate. And Google, although many users (even Android) do not know it, has its own application that, until today, was exclusive to mobile devices that use its operating system.

But that is over because users of the Apple bank can now download the app from the iPhone or iPad digital store.

Link Podcasts To Your Account

The great advantage of this Google podcast application , compared to the competition, is that it allows us to link all our favorite programs to the Gmail account , which makes it easier if in the future we change our smartphone and go from iOS to Android, let’s not lose anything along the way. As with Google Photos, Google Maps, etc.

That transversality is decisive in deciding to download it, something that iPhone or iPad users can already do. Now, what are we going to find? Well, a very discreet manager that has the most basic functions: 

The ‘Home’, where the podcasts that we follow the most are accumulating, as well as their latest episodes, and a search engine that appears in the lower central part. It is there where we can discover new content and subscribe to them in the same way that you already do in the Apple app, for example.

Google Podcasts for iOS.

The third section is pure and simple reproduction, that is, the place where we can create a kind of playlist where we can add new audios to listen to in order, which is always fine when a podcast from a radio program, for example, It is divided into two, three or more parts.

Be that as it may, if you are used to other podcast apps, it won’t be difficult for you to get hold of this one too.

The Android app, updated. It must be remembered that the design of this Google podcast application is the same as the one that Android already has, and that was released, and reached all territories, during the last weekend.

The thing that equals both apps and balances the service by unifying it around the same official solution.

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