How Is The Video Chat App That Devastates During Quarantine?

How Is The Video Chat App That Devastates During Quarantine?

With the forced confinement in Spain due to the coronavirus, video chat and teleconference applications have exploded, surpassing those that have been the most successful for years.

WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook have seen how Skype, Hangouts, Teams, or Classroom surpassed them without problems. However, among all those solutions from companies like Microsoft or Google, an outsider has sneaked in: Houseparty.

The reason for this violent turnaround must obviously be found in the forced quarantine that we have had to live on account of the corona virus.

And since we all have to stay at home, its use has multiplied because, why call with audio only if we have the option of seeing other people? What’s more, why limit ourselves to just chatting with one of them if we can do it with many more at the same time?

Besides Talking, Playing

That’s why it ‘s so rare to find a solution as small as this one from Life On Air, Inc., which is going viral and that many groups are using to see each other remotely during this quarantine period, among so many outstanding companies.

What is unique about being preferred to more established solutions like Skype or Hangouts? Well, the word “party” is his secret.

The app, with a very similar staging in freshness and UX to other popular ones such as Waze, uses fun elements to entertain us. For example and unlike its competition, Houseparty has games which we can enjoy in the company.

At the moment, it is not that there are many, but the ones it has been one of those classics to make us laugh. The first of all is to log in (beware, it asks for a LOT of data) and look for contacts from our calendar or Facebook. Even others close as neighbors.

Houseparty On Mobile.

To enter these games you just have to press the dice button in the middle of a video conference so that we can play “Heads Up!, which is a kind of “who am I” where the camera shows the other participants a poster on our forehead with what we are and, based on giving us clues, we will have to guess it. Or a very basic Trivia that, yes, is in English.

There is also the game “Chips and Guac” and, finally, another of the funniest is “Quick Draw!” that, as you can imagine, will quickly draw what they ask us. Whoever does it best wins.

One of the advantages of this app is that when you want to connect with friends, you know if others can speak at that moment.

You don’t have to wait for the call to be answered since when you do, you will have 100% certainty of starting a new video chat. You have it available on iOS, Android, and Chrome.

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