Wide Positioning – What Is It, And When Will It Be The Best Solution?

Wide Positioning – What Is It, And When Will It Be The Best Solution?

Wide positioning is also often referred to as ‘long tail’. In many cases, such a website advertising strategy is an effective solution that allows you to significantly increase the traffic of real users, which has a positive effect on conversion. This allows you to develop very good statistics comparable to those we could get through traditional SEO

What is this type of positioning? 

In the case of broad positioning, a list of more detailed key phrases is included in the strategy – most often, these are keywords of about 3-4 words. It also means that such words have lower monthly searches than general phrases. Of course, this does not mean that it should be zero – passwords should be properly checked in terms of whether it actually makes sense to advertise with them.

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of these phrases is that they are usually less competitive, so you can reach their high positions faster and easier. Meanwhile, in traditional positioning, several general phrases are selected that have a large monthly number of searches, but the competition in their case can be huge because they are the most obvious. In this case, it may take many months to work on the items. 

What are the advantages of this type of positioning? 

It is definitely worth noting that this is just a different strategy of operation, which does not have to be worse – high positions of many detailed phrases can generate the same number of clicks, finalized transactions, or customer inquiries as traditional positioning. However, such optimization may be easier and faster to perform in practice. When choosing slogans, we can be guided by what type of assortment we would like to advertise the most and, as a result – what we would like to start selling with greater intensity. Thanks to such SEO, the website has a chance to appear in the top 10 much more often, which allows it to stand out from the competition.

How can it work in practice? 

This type of positioning works especially well in the case of extensive online store, where we deal with a large assortment. So, when we work with a shoe store, we abandon the strategy of advertising for phrases such as “women’s shoes” or “high heels” in favor of slogans containing more specific terms, such as “women’s high-heeled sandals” or “red women’s sneakers.” In the case of iconic products that are well known to users, you can even position-specific names that include the brand, color, or symbol.

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