What Is The Best Privacy VPN?

Strong encryption function. This means it uses RSA 4096 for the handshake and AES 256 for encryption.

There are no logs. There are absolutely no Internet logs, purchase logs, session logs, or any other type of logs. The only thing they need to keep is your email, username, and password.

Trustworthy VPN. View the history of the VPN and its comments. If the VPN ever succumbed to the police and found a “suspect”, please don’t do it. Also, make sure it is not free, there is no malware and no ads. All this shows that it is not a reliable VPN.

Make sure that the country/region where the VPN is located does not match your country/region. For example, if you are in the United States, look for a VPN in a country that is not the best place for the United States…say it might be Russia. Also, make sure the privacy rights and Internet law at the position they are in are very relaxed, without restriction or violation. Also, make sure that the country/region where your VPN is located is not a country/region where intelligence is shared. A good example is Five Eyes. PS Do not confuse the VPN location with the server location, the VPN location is the location of the actual company, not the location of the server.

Make sure they accept Bitcoin or prepaid visas. If they accept prepaid, please purchase a prepaid Visa in cash and you can start. If this is not the case, you will want to pay in Bitcoin. When you buy Bitcoin, please purchase it anonymously. You also need to use a Bitcoin wallet that cannot be traced back to yourself. A good wallet should be a wallet installed on the USB and then detached from the USB on the virtual machine. To buy Bitcoin anonymously, there are two ways. 1. Purchase with cash or 2. Card with prepaid Visa (please make sure to purchase a prepaid card with cash). I know this is complicated, but if you want the best VPN to protect privacy, security, and/or anonymity, you should.

Use a strong protocol VPN. Not only does it require strong encryption, but it should also have a strong protocol. I recommend using SSTP because it is the strongest, but it can be slow. If it is not SSTP, please use UDP/TCP or even L2TP.

Provide supported VPN. Make sure they have a support team and a way to contact them. Whether the weather is email support or live chat, please make sure they have support.

(Optional) A VPN that allows you to connect to two of the servers. Commonly called hopping, some VPNs allow you to connect to one server and then connect to another server. This adds some extra security.

Now you know what to look for, so go there! To save your time, I personally recommend iVPN. But if you don’t like it, I will tell you what to look for. good luck!

A virtual private network ( VPN ) extends the private network to the entire public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices are directly connected to the private network. Therefore, applications that run across VPNs may benefit from the features, security, and management of private networks. Therefore, it is a hidden network inside the public network.

VPNs cannot make online connections completely anonymous, but they can often increase privacy and security. To prevent the disclosure of private information, VPNs usually only allow authenticated remote access using tunneling protocols and encryption technology.

When you use VPN clients (such as VPN Shield), they create a VPN connection and hide your IP and location from your proxy server by changing your IP address to the server IP. It looks like the next picture:

Nowadays, most people use VPN to hide the traffic and protect the connection through this scheme:

There is a huge difference between free and paid VPNs. The main reason is:

  • Free VPNs often sell your personal data (traffic, logs, IP, etc.) to third parties, and you may not know how they will use them.
  • Free VPN providers have a lot of ads inside the app and are limited by monthly traffic, speed, latency, etc.
  • Many free VPNs are not free at all. They use a “freemium” service model and send you lots of messages and push notifications to get premium subscriptions. And these plans are usually more expensive than regular paid VPN services.

You need to understand that VPN services require extensive server networks and their support. All these things require a lot of money to pay.

For example, many people are hooked on “free VPN” scams without realizing that they are actually products (especially their data). One of the more popular options is the free VPN proxy provided by Betternet-but beware!

  • Malware -A group of academic researchers discovered that Betternet’s Android VPN application contains a lot of malware. The Betternet app is actively tested for malware through 13 different antivirus programs. It ranks fourth among the top ten most malware-infected Android VPN applications.
  • Logs -Betternet’s website states that “Betternet does not keep any data logs.” But please review the privacy policy, which explains how Betternet records and stores “connection” information.
  • Third parties -Betternet’s VPN application also allows third parties to directly access “certain data, including but not limited to cookies…”-screenshots.
  • Tracking – The same study above also found that Betternet has embedded 14 different tracking libraries in its Android VPN application. This is the “largest number of embedded tracking libraries” found in more than 200 VPN applications studied by the researchers.

VPN Services With Free or Paid Mode Are Most Likely To Leak Data!

I would like to recommend using a paid VPN provider that has a good reputation and has been in the market for a long time. There are many market participants in the VPN field. Hotspot VPN, VPN Shield, HMA, ExpressVPN, etc (Check for full list of great VPN options). I like the VPN Shield application. They have AES encryption and data compression, a good support team, no free access rights, and no ads. The subscription price is much cheaper than the competition ( minimum 1.94$/month ). They did a great job and got an A+ security level from independent reviewer SSLabs. The application is available on the following platforms: iOS, macOS, Android, Windows Store, Samsung Store, and Amazon.

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