Create Content To Engage Customers

Create Content To Engage Customers

create content : It is challenging to attract the attention of Internet users in the flood of offers on the Internet. However, there is an easy way to get visitors’ attention to your website. What content are customers looking for? What content will attract customers?

Customers crave content that is relevant, trustworthy, and understandable to them. Quality, valuable and trustworthy content helps build customer loyalty. Get quality content based on real-world questions.

  • Collect customer questions during personal contact, phone calls, e-mail communication.
  • Pay attention to issues on social networks and in various discussions .
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys .
  • Focus on customer reviews .
  • Listen to customers at trade fairs or exhibitions.

Gather customer questions and make a list of them. The list of questions is the first step on the road to your success. The reward that awaits you at the finish line can be huge.

How to create content and attract customers in 4 steps of the purchasing process?

Due to strong competition, consumers carefully consider shopping and choosing a store. When writing content, keep in mind the 4 steps of the purchasing process that the customer goes through. At each step, the customer solves a different problem. He asks other questions . His questions arise throughout the purchasing process. The type of questions depends on how far it is in the purchasing process.

At the beginning, the buyer asks:

I have a problem?
How serious is it?
Do I need to change / do something?

The questions of many customers are similar in the first phase of purchase. We can label them as step no. 1 .

You now formulate the answers that will “inflate” the customer’s problem in his eyes . If a customer gets stuck in step 1, it often happens that they maintain the status quo.

Use your answers to help the customer understand that his current condition is unacceptable and if he does not solve it, his problem will increase. Show him the size of his problem and sketch how it will grow over time. List all costs if the issue is postponed. Focus on wasting his time. Describe the financial benefits if it starts solving the problem now.

Discover the advantages of solving the problem at present, describe the solution at a later date. But be careful, avoid dramatizing the consequences, because that is not the solution to the problem. Attach improvements to the future to solve the problem.

Paint customers a picture of a more beautiful future. If possible, tell customers something they don’t already know about your problem. Attach a solution to the problem, such as describing key metrics to improve performance or increase comfort.

Point out the opportunities that will open up for him if he solves the problem. This will put you in the position of a customer guide on the way to solving his problem.

Prove to the customer with the right answers that maintaining the current state is a lousy choice. Bring the customer’s answers to the decision to buy the product.

This is the beginning of the journey to turn a customer into a buyer customer.

In Step 2, expect questions like:

  • Which product or service works better?
  • How do I best compare the performance, design, features of the product?
  • How it compares price and value. Should I focus on price or lifetime value?
  • What is the difference between the available options? What do the products have in common? How are they different?

Add answers to these questions. Answer similarly as in Step 1, but develop your answers. Focus on differentiating your product or service. Compare alternative products. Make the buying and decision-making process easier for buyers as much as possible. If you do not do this, the potential customer will go looking for answers elsewhere and you will lose the buyer customer.

From step no. 2 direct buyers to step 3 .

The prospect already wants to complete a solution to their problem, but needs to verify your claims . Examines reviews. Reads discussion forums. Searches on social networks or in the media.

Do not let the customer leave your website and provide this information directly to you.

The final phase of the purchasing process is the implementation of the purchase . In the 4th step , the customer focuses his attention on the issues of postage, delivery time, method of delivery, return of goods, warranty period, warranty and post-warranty service.

Summarize your answers to the most frequently asked questions about the operation and operation of your business . Avoid situations where a customer has to play detective and waste a lot of time searching for answers on your website.

Offer customers a complete set of questions and answers with solutions in all 4 steps.

This type of content attracts customers’ attention. It addresses their needs and ensures that they return to you.

Finally, a few more remarks :

Before you start selling, offer customers help

Always answer all their questions. If you start selling early, you can scare the customer and leave without buying. Build your credibility.

Understand the problem the customer is solving

Before you focus on sales, understand the problem that the customer is solving. By providing content that truly reaches customers and their needs, you gain an edge over 80% of your competition.

Be concise

According to recent surveys, the Internet user’s attention has shrunk to 7-8 seconds. In 7-8 seconds you need to attract attention and “score”.

Divide the content into several levels

The most important is the first one in which you need to get the attention of an internet user. Design the content so that you can keep the customer’s attention in 7 seconds. Then offer longer content and build a customer relationship.

Always speak the language of your customers

Don’t talk like an expert. Make sure the buyer understands your content, understands it. Confused customers usually leave and you are left without a sale. You will ensure high readability if you write in a language commonly used by a wide range of your customers.

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